Rangers fans are urging each other to boycott Mike Ashley’s retail outlets as Castore reveal details as to why the High Street billionaire’s stores are selling the new Gers home kit.

The Ibrox support was left incensed when a trolling Facebook post on Sports Direct’s official account claimed to be “exclusively” selling the kit from August 1st.

The kit has now appeared online in another Ashley-owned High Street store, House of Fraser.

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Speaking to Four Lads Had a Dream, Castore co-founder Tom Beahon goes into greater detail as to how Ashley has got his hands on the new Gers kit ahead of the new season.

And why Sports Direct gave up their legal right to compete with the Castore deal.

Tom Beahon (right) – pictured with brother and fellow co-founder of Castore Phil – has explained why Mike Ashley has got his hands on the new Rangers kit.

“The truth is that Rangers were in a really difficult position given their previous deals, due to well documented and long-term legacy issues,” said Beahon.


“Whatever brand came in and offered, we knew Sports Direct had a legal right to match that deal and if they so chose they could have kept Rangers as a partner.

“What Sports Direct looked for in order not to exercise their legal right to match was an ability to sell a limited number of Rangers product, again that is not in any way strange or different and would be the case in other deals.

“Under our direct partnership between Castore and Rangers, Sports Direct, as well as several other third party retailers, will have the option to purchase from Castore and then the ability to sell Rangers products.

“That is the situation.

“It is worth reiterating, whatever Rangers product is sold anywhere in the world, whether it is through Sports Direct, through Greaves, through Rebel Sports over in Sydney, Rangers Football Club is benefiting from that, Rangers Football Club will earn a royalty on all of those sales.

Rangers are desperate to be rid of the retail clutches of Mike Ashley. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

“The club now have a deal, and the fans have 100 per cent knowledge, that if they are purchasing Rangers product they are supporting their football club.

“That, to me, is a big step forward and a fantastic move for the club.”

The Ibrox club has been financially hamstrung by a poorly weighted retail deal with Sports Direct signed during tumultuous times in the Rangers boardroom, ran by the previous regime.

This deal infamously earned Rangers only 7p to every £1 sold and has been a giant obstacle to the club’s development off-the-park ever since.

This has resulted in years of courtroom battles and conspiracies but the club’s fans can now see light and those Castore angel wings at the end of the tunnel.

Whilst Ashley’s stores have been given some kit and will be stocking it, it doesn’t mean that any Rangers fan has to purchase from them.

With Castore’s original 50k run of kits selling out within 36 hours, there may be a temptation for some fans to place a pre-order with Sports Direct or House of Fraser to ensure they get their hands on the kit.

But given these won’t land until the 1st of August and that the new Rangers Store at Ibrox will be plenty well-stocked and opened by then – Castore plan to have a further 200k kits available for the start of next month – fans are being urged to wait by fellow supporters.


Rangers themselves responded to these Sports Direct fears by telling fans that for the “avoidance of doubt” the Ibrox club’s retail deal with Castore is a relationship solely between themselves and the sportswear brand [Rangers].

It hasn’t stopped the rumour-mill running into overdrive – particularly across the city – concerning the billionaire’s involvement with Castore.

But despite confirming that Mike Ashley has nothing to do with Castore for the umpteenth time during the week, Beahon took the time to do so again during the interview with Four Lads.

“I am well aware of the history between Rangers and Sports Direct, in particular, as well as other parties,” said Beahon.

Rangers fans have had a tumultuous time with Sports Direct and just want to be free to purchase merchandise, knowing an appropriate sum will go the club. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

“It is 100 per cent completely true is that this partnership is a partnership solely between Castore and Rangers.

“It is a two-way partnership that has been constructed in a way that is not normal in football deals in that Rangers benefit in everything that we do.

“That is not always the case, other people don’t always do deals that way.

“When I see rumours about Mike Ashley being a shareholder in Castore or having some sort of affiliation with Castore it is surprising as we have been 100% clear this is not the case on several occasions now.

If Rangers fans don’t buy from Ashley owned businesses he will not financially benefit from the club’s kit sales. (Photo credit should read CHRIS J RATCLIFFE/AFP/Getty Images)

“Mike Ashley or Sports Direct have no shareholding or involvement at any level in my business. There are only so many times or ways I can say that before people believe me.”

Rangers announced the pioneering deal with Castore back in May [Rangers] with the “long-term” partnership believed to be worth up to an initial £25m to the Ibrox club.

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