Rangers fans have snapped up close to 50,000 Castore kits as the Liverpool-based premium sportswear manufacturer has their stock cleared by the Ibrox faithful.

Rangers fans flocked to the Castore website to pick up the first run of the club’s highly anticipated new jerseys after a landmark £25m deal was signed in the summer.

The value of that is already beginning to show as Castore co-founder Tom Beahon lauds the Ibrox support not just for purchasing the kit, but for their input into it as well.

“It’s been fantastic to see the feedback,” said Beahon [Glasgow Times].

“Our job as a new kit partner was always to tap into that positivity and passion and get these people excited.

“That’s very much what we’ve tried to do, we wanted to link to the history to the club as well as highlight a new era with Castore and a very exciting season ahead.

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“A couple of the design features have been picked up by the fans like the wave pattern on the front that was to represent the blue sea of Ibrox.

“That’s not something done previously on Rangers jerseys, but we wanted to link to the fantastic heritage of this football club.

“Based on the very early sales figures I saw, it looks like we’ll sell out within 24 hours, the initial 50,000 units.


“That’s a very positive response and another demonstration of the fantastic support Rangers have.

“We knew there was always a chance it would go that well so we’ve got plans in place to get additional stock ready very soon and as we look to August and the season starting, we’re now very close to announcing a final date to the reopening of the megastore, which we’re excited about.”

It’s not just in this blue wave of purchases on kit launch day where Castore are feeling the financial benefit of the link up with Rangers either.

After announcing the Rangers partnership – alongside link-ups with Andy Murray and the Sri Lankan Cricket Team – there has been a distinct surge in the purchasing of their products.

Much of that is down to the Ibrox faithful.

“We’d been growing quit quickly before our partnership with Rangers,” said Beahon [Glasgow Times].

Tom and Phil Beahon are also enjoying the commercial benefits of a link-up with Andy Murray alongside the launch of the Rangers kits. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage)

“But since we announced it, the growth has accelerated. It’s always hard to directly attribute growth to specific drivers but the partnership undoubtedly has played a big role in that.

“It’s definitely true to say Castore has been affected, already, in a very positive way from this partnership.

“The Rangers fan base are very keen to support and purchase anything that’s associated with their club and the most interesting thing to see is the truly global nature of the fan base.

“Australia, Canada, North America. For those guys to now be aware of Castore is fantastic.”

The response from the Rangers fans to the new Castore kits has been remarkable. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The hotly anticipated launch of the new Rangers kit was overwhelmingly positive even despite attempts by Sports Direct to troll the Ibrox support.

Rangers themselves reiterated that the commercial retail partnership with Castore is solely between these two partners as they quashed talk of involvement with Mike Ashley.

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