Rangers fans stunned as Celtic play the "victim" with Christie statement
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Rangers fans stunned as Celtic play the "victim" with Christie statement

After Celtic midfielder Ryan Christie was banned for three matches by the SFA for grabbing the gonads of Alfredo Morelos, you’ll forgive Rangers fans for having a chuckle at Celtic’s expense.

The club’s supporters took to Twitter in the aftermath of the news, analysing the offence and largely agreeing with the decision. Not to mention goading their rivals.

But little did the Ibrox support know, the situation was about to be taken up a level by Celtic who took whataboutery to the next level via a statement.

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“Celtic Football Club and Ryan Christie are extremely disappointed at the outcome of the hearing today,” reads the statement [Celtic].

“Given the recent treatment of Celtic players and the lack of sanctions being imposed on those responsible, the fact that a sanction has been imposed on Ryan for the incident in question demonstrates a worrying lack of consistency in the Scottish FA fast track process.

“Naturally, we will be contacting the Scottish FA regarding our concerns. Scottish football deserves a disciplinary process which is fair, consistent and fit for purpose.”

Given the lack of citations from the Compliance Officer when it comes to Celtic, and the raft of offences their players have got off with previously, you’ll also forgive Rangers fans for questioning the mentalness of this.

It’s even worse when you consider just how poor referee Kevin Clancy was throughout the 2-1 Old Firm victory at Celtic Park.


All of this couldn’t be anything to do with the fact Rangers beat them – against the odds – in their own backyard, could it?

Christie has also undergone surgery ahead of the second half of the season and is unlikely to be fully fit for much of the suspension, if any.

In the end, the midfielder was guilty of the offence and whilst there is an issue with consistency concerning the compliance officer in general, there’s a lot of hot air and bluster coming out of Celtic Park as they lick their wounds after the result.

Celtic are pointing to Alfredo Morelos and a similar incident last season, a strange flashback to the embarrassing Alfie witch hunt after 1-0 December win last season at Ibrox.

Allan McGregor also delighted Rangers fans in the match by saving a Ryan Christie penalty. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

There’s a theme developing after every single Old Firm match which we win and it is genuinely pathetic.

For the last eight days, there’s been an attempt to get the wee man banned further in some capacity as we enter the second half of the season.

Couldn’t be anything to do with him being Rangers best player, no?