The Union Bears are not happy with Rangers after releasing a statement condemning the club.

The prominent fan’s group are angry that Rangers have told them they have refused safe-standing proposals whilst also not letting the group move to BF3 in Ibrox.

To display their unhappiness, they staged an Ibrox protest against Dundee. They withdrew from participation to show the impact a lack of noise from the group will have on the stadium.

Rangers fans are split over whether the Union Bears are doing the right thing or not.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – NOVEMBER 8, 2018: Rangers Glasgow’s fans cheer in the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League Group G Round 4 football match against Spartak Moscow at Otkrytie Arena. Spartak Moscow won the game 4-3. Sergei Fadeichev/TASS (Photo by Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images)

There appears to be two sides to this issue. Firstly, on the side of the Union Bears and their statement, it’s about accommodating for their growth and also understanding their value to the matchday experience.


The group want to enhance the experience further by being given a bigger section. They also clearly believe safe-standing will help in this regard too.

They are frustrated that the club are refusing to accommodate their swelling numbers and ambitions. Some fans agree.


Would you give up your seat to the Union Bears?

On the other side, some supporters are unwilling to give up their seats. These are paying, loyal fans who’ve sat in these spots for any number of years.

The argument is, why should they move because the Union Bears asked?

Any moving of the Union Bears will surely see regular season ticket holders displaced, much to some fan’s dismay.

What is the answer? I don’t know, but it’s probably somewhere in the middle. Whilst there’s an issue moving loyal supporters from their seats, having a vibrant, positive matchday can only benefit the club.

Is it the job of the club to lead the discussion and come up with a solution that suits everyone?

To ensure this, the Union Bears must also take responsibility for any chanting that comes from their end. The fallout over the Steve Clarke sectarian singing could well be one of the reasons why the club are hesitant.

Dave King’s statement was very clear on his opinion on the entire thing.

What do you think? Should fellow Bears give up their seats for the Union Bears? Are the Union Bears acting with entitlement? Should the club be doing more?

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