Here's why Rangers fans should listen to Dave King
Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Here's why Rangers fans should listen to Dave King

Dave King has released a statement apologising to Steve Clarke for the sectarian abuse he received at Ibrox on Wednesday night.
In the statement, King also says himself and everyone at Rangers “abhors” the sectarian element which is so prevalent in Scottish football.
It’s a strong statement from the Rangers Chairman as he promises to tackle the issue. And no matter what your view on the subject, it’s incredibly important fans listen.

This isn’t about point-scoring or flag waving or even shouting louder than anyone. It’s about two main things.
Firstly, this is our club. Rangers are responsible for what happens at Rangers. Rangers fans are responsible for themselves. Getting involved in a tit-for-tat “but how come?” argument does absolutely no good for anyone.
Before supporters or the club can begin to tackle anything or anyone else, we need to get our own house in order first. Even if that house sits on the opposite side of a two-way street.
Rangers can lead this discussion instead of being led by it. The club is powerless when incidents such as this happen.
Secondly, what good does this do for the image of the football club? The overwhelming majority of Rangers fans are good, decent people. Most wouldn’t turn anyone away – catholic, protestant, any religion.
When these songs crop up, we’re portrayed as wide-eyed, catholic blood craving loonballs. It’s absurd. And the “we don’t care” message doesn’t wash when there’s an outpouring of the opposite.

Dave King expressed his frustrations at the issue of sectarianism in his statement. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

There’s a way to show that pride about being a Rangers fan without mindlessly throwing about slurs in a match against Kilmarnock.
It arms a dangerous message about our club. It makes us look like idiots. And it gives those who despise Rangers even more justification for battering the club with a big stick.
Whilst there’s an issue with those utilising the discussion to take a Tommy gun to Rangers, Rangers can still shoot back. And the most powerful weapon here is taking responsibility.
In Dave King’s message, that’s what he does. And the fans should too.

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