Celtic manager Neil Lennon has been out in full force giving it the big “I am” over Celtic’s guard of honour snub – and talking a lot of nonsense in the process.

The Celtic manager has criticised Rangers for the move and claimed Celtic would do the same given the roles were reversed. I’m sure they would. I’m also sure it would be conveniently banned by the police again.

He’s also spoken about wanting to take advantage of Rangers’ “discipline problem” and how he doesn’t like Celtic getting tarred with the same brush. That’s right. Neil Lennon giving lectures on discipline.

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Steven Gerrard will be hoping to get the better of Neil Lennon this time around. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

But Lennon’s thinly veiled pre-match ramblings can be summed up in one word. Contempt.

Very shallowly beneath the soundbites and the BS, Lennon is bubbling with it. It’s evident, it’s not pretty and it’s the exact reason why Rangers are completely correct in refusing the guard of honour.

This is about respect. For us, Celtic have absolutely none. Over the last few seasons, the sheer volume of vitriol directed at Ibrox from our rivals has intensified tenfold.



Lennon’s comments are disrespectful

Any semblance of respect has disintegrated. Lennon, and his transparent comments, merely personify it.

It’s a tragic indictment of the game here that our two leading clubs are reduced to this childish, trolling waffle. In an ideal world, yes, Rangers should swallow their pride and give our rivals a guard of honour.

But that’s not why Celtic want it. Rangers are not daft. They want to goad Rangers. They want to disrespect them. This is about bullying the club into a corner and trying to show Rangers who’s boss.

It’s not about footballing niceties at all. You just need to look at Neil Lennon’s attitude pre-match to see that.

It’s not a guard of honour Celtic need at Ibrox, it’s the exact opposite.

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