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You Had One Chance

I don’t normally like to repeat myself but this has been such a touchy subject it needs addressing. The last six weeks in our search for

Sorry I'm Late for my Appointment

I’m going to hazard a guess I’m not the only fan wondering what the hell is going on at Rangers, six weeks have passed and we still haven’t appointed a new manager. With

Time for answers

As we close in on the annual general meeting, the current board at Rangers must be setting their stalls up for a bumpy ride, when the

Twitter Wars

Social media in football has pretty much exploded over the last five years, with players, managers, coaching staff, club media and even owners using various social media channels

Bruno's gonna get ya

Over the last few years it’s been slim pickings with Rangers signing players of genuine international quality and pedigree, for the obvious reasons like money and league

Pedro, my Miller is leaking

It just had to happen, didn’t it? A few days after Pedro has exited the club Kenny Miller not only starting the game at Murrayfield but also as

King and His Fake Cheques Mate

In the wake of the defeat to Motherwell in the semi-final on Sunday, some serious questions not only need to be asked but also need to be answered. The

Semi Final Sunday

The Betfred semi-finals take place this weekend with Hibs vs Celtic on the Saturday and then Rangers vs Motherwell on the Sunday, and already we have seen a