The Celtic AGM is always good for a few Rangers laughs and this year’s did not disappoint in a bumper edition of Sevcomania which has had Ibrox supporters in stitches.

Some of the most fringe elements of the Parkhead support for some reason get a voice at these things and there was everything from Resolution 11/12, talk of zombie clubs and conspiracies aplenty as the annual gathering of the Injustice League took place.

Kilmarnock v Celtic - Scottish Ladbrokes Premiership

Ian Bankier had Rangers fans in disbelief with his comments at the Celtic AGM. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

There were also a few more solemn and disgraceful elements of the meeting but we’d rather not delve too heavily into that.

Instead, let’s focus on the constant, oxymoronic (emphasis on the moronic) bleating about Rangers juxtaposed against their apparent indifference about the Ibrox club at every single Celtic AGM.


Some Celtic fans want their board to go to UEFA over the awarding of a UEFA license in 2011 despite the fact their shareholders vote it down every single year. Others get tossed into a frenzy by the mere mention of the word Rangers.

But it was the comments of under-fire chairman Ian Bankier which most caught the eye of Gers supporters as he alluded to “deep concerns” about referees in the country.

This is the kind of pressure – which comes when Celtic aren’t winning – which led to an infamous referee strike in 2010 and low-and-behold the same nutters are behind this rabble-rousing.

“That (refereeing) is a source of deep concern,” Bankier said [Herald].

But if that wasn’t enough to catch the eye of the Rangers support, then the Parkhead chairman’s comments about the Scottish Government and 10IAR are sure to have them buckled.

Celtic chairman claims Parkclub club mistreated at AGM as Rangers halted 10IAR

Forget ‘big Shane Duffy at the back’, forget Neil Lennon and his snus tin, hell, even forget the relentless unbeaten Rangers team who barely conceded a goal and humiliated them at every turn – it was the government who broke Celtic hearts.

Bankier genuinely believes – in the style of a Celtic dah on Clyde Superscoreboard – that they were unfairly treated by the Government last season and this was a major catalyst for their downfall.

Here we goooooo, Nicola Sturgeon stopped 10IAR. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

“Oh I’m in. I’m in no doubt that we had the worst rub of the green that you could possibly imagine,” said Bankier [Herald].

“You couldn’t have written it down on a piece of paper the number of things that went wrong.

“I think we were astonishingly treated by the Scottish Government. We were the only employer in Scotland to be given sanctions for an employee breaching rules.

“That was the start of the downward slide, or the loss of momentum early last season, where we and Aberdeen were banned from playing for two games. It stopped the momentum.

“We also had an undue course of luck in terms of injuries through international breaks. We had James Forrest out, we had a lot of things go wrong. ‘What’s going to go wrong next? It almost was.

“It was terrible, absolutely terrible, but I’m not shying away from the fact that there were other aspects of the season where we just might have done a bit better, but we didn’t do.

“But yeah, I’m absolutely a supporter on that.”

Always cheated never defeated – and that’s just the mob in the boardroom. Rangers fans have naturally found the entire thing absolutely hilarious:


Ah yes, the heady days of 55, what a time to be alive and it feels so good to know it’s still killing them to this day.

But now the focus is all on 56 and Rangers are reportedly about to announce the man charged with delivering it.

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