Massive questions over corruption at professional body as voting farce continues
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SPFL's league-ending voting farce reeks to high heavens

A day on from voting on the farce that is the SPFL’s league-ending proposals and we are still none the wiser to what’s going to happen with the Scottish football season.

Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and every single other club from the top to the bottom of Scottish football were asked to vote by 5pm on a proposal which would dole out prize money, all but crown Celtic champions and relegate Hearts.

But after reports suggested the vote had failed to get the necessary support from 75% of clubs in the Championship, everything went into overdrive.

Hampden chiefs have got a lot to answer for amid this massive voting farce – no matter what way it ends up. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

The SPFL released the results of an incomplete vote shifting gargantuan pressure on to the club with the deciding vote in the Championship.

Originally thought to be Inverness, it is now believed to be Dundee.

And after around 72 hours of the SPFL saying this all had to be said and done by 5pm on the day, they’ve now shifted the goalposts to say clubs had 28 days to make the call.

Dundee had previously released a statement saying they would not be supporting the proposals. They are claimed to have voted no but the decision is said to have a “technical question mark”.

You’ll forgive Rangers fans for joking that the “question mark” is probably that it wasn’t yes.

Reports are now suggesting Dundee are reconsidering their position, as the SPFL conveniently heap pressure on them with the very public nature of how this is playing out.

If clubs go to the wall, all of a sudden it is Dundee’s fault for not voting for the proposal. It’s Dundee’s fault we’re in this mess. Dundee are the ones who ruined Scottish football.

The fate of the league season – which was supposed to rest on every member club – is now unfairly resting on one.

And all this after Rangers claimed there was bullying and coercion involved [Rangers] in trying to force clubs into voting for the SPFL proposal.

The Ibrox club also believes roadblocks were put up concerning their Members Resolution which has not received the right kind of support from the powers that be.

After calling the SPFL out on this, the professional body has been accused of “lying” [Heart & Hand] over claims Rangers only submitted their proposal late on Thursday night.

Neil Doncaster, the SPFL chief executive, also has a lot of explaining to do for his role in the voting farce. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

In that same statement, the SPFL threatened clubs with “further weeks, and possibly months, of uncertainty and financial hardship” if they didn’t support the proposal.

It’s an absolute farce and this reeks to high heavens.

If hamstringing clubs into making decisions with threats about their financial future doesn’t secure the vote, using dodgy election tactics, abolishing voting deadlines, putting pressure on one club, discounting votes on a technicality, offering things you cannot guarantee – such as league reconstruction – and sacrificing ethics to get it over the line surely will.

Forget Dundee’s vote, there’s a “technical question mark” over the SPFL’s behaviour in all of this.

Rangers have fought the club’s corner admirably amidst some pretty questionable working practices from the game’s powers that be. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

What’s the rush? Why are the powers that be forcing this through right now? Why won’t they properly consider a Members Resolution on prize money?

Whatever happens from here, this will not be the end of it – not by a long shot – and you get the feeling heads are going to roll in the Scottish game when the dust settles.

Something stinks here and you can’t really blame supporters for giving rise to questions on corruption.

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