Rangers say they have received “numerous reports” from rival SPFL clubs relating to attempts to “coerce and bully” them into voting for the SPFL’s league proposals [Rangers].

The Ibrox side has been left frustrated in their attempts to push through a Members Resolution which would remove the carrot of prize money currently being held over SPFL clubs.

The professional body wants clubs to vote on proposals before they will release the money, with many believing this is holding clubs and their votes to ransom.

Rangers have claimed that attempts are being made to “bully” or “coerce” rival clubs into voting for the SPFL proposals. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Rangers’ solution to this problem is “simply intended to urgently address the financial hardship faced by clubs whilst allowing more time to discuss and evaluate all options for completing this season.”

However, this has not been deemed to be “competent” by the SPFL, with Rangers applying their advice to draft a new proposal.

The club also say they are “confused as to why attempts have been made to slow the progress of Rangers’ resolution”.

It’s all getting a bit heated as Rangers look to buy the league some time before rushing into a decision but forces against that – no prizes for guessing where they’re coming from – try to turn the financial screw.

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that football clubs will be hamstrung into making a decision if they are told the only way to secure financial prize money is by voting for the SPFL resolution.

Rangers are confused as to why there is such a rush at Hampden to call the season. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

This does not need to be the case – as has been shown in the English Premier League [Times] – and doing so without giving ulterior routes due consideration undoubtedly calls into question the ethical nature of the SPFL proposals.

The 42 SPFL member clubs have until 5pm today to vote on the SPFL proposals which would see the league called on average points.

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