Rival supporters rage at Rangers boss Gerrard's latest comments
Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Rival supporters rage at Rangers boss Gerrard's latest comments

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has told Celtic, Neil Lennon and any other teams in the league that they “can get the violin out” if they want and it’s caused some uproar amongst rival fans.

The Ibrox boss was speaking as the tragic debate rages on about Ryan Christie’s deserved retrospective suspension for grabbing Alfredo Morelos by the genitals.

Rangers fans might’ve had a chuckle about the Celtic statement in the aftermath of the decision [Celtic] and now Steven Gerrard has riled rivals with comments he made about Christie-gate.

Rival fans haven’t taken too kindly to the latest comments of Rangers boss Steven Gerrard. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“I think the Ryan Christie situation is for Neil Lennon to talk about and for Celtic to deal with,” said Steven Gerrard [Sky Sports].

“In terms of the consistency across the board with the referees and getting cited, I think all the managers are going to ask for consistency. Especially when they’re on the wrong side of it.

“Prior to that, we’ve had decisions that haven’t gone our way. A cup final went against us because of a decision, we never got a penalty up at Aberdeen.

“You can cry wolf and get the violin out if you want but the reality is, you have to get on with it.”

Que hilarious outrage aimed at the Rangers boss from rival supporters on Twitter:





They’re some of the cleaner ones. The thing is – Steven Gerrard is talking from experience.

Prior to making the comments, he discusses not being awarded the penalty at Aberdeen.

He’s previously made public comments about poor decisions and it’s added more pressure and done very little good.

Steven Gerrard hasn’t exactly always been quiet on refereeing injustices since he’s been at Ibrox but he has learned some valuable lessons. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

All he’s saying is that moaning, crying and getting upset about it isn’t going to change anything, even if it does help Celtic soothe the gaping wounds of last weekend.

And he’s absolutely correct.