It feels as if all I do is write about Alfredo Morelos. The good, the bad, the utterly insane.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s what you get with the Colombian. He’s ferocious, talented and just a wee bit of a headcase. Sorry, a big bit of a headcase.

Whilst we can forgive him for last night – we got through after all – he must wisen up. But we most certainly don’t want to lose his talents.

Morelos must wisen up if he’s to make it in football. His red card last night must be the last of getting involved in silly incidents. (Photo by MB Media/Getty Images)

Unless we get an offer which really blows us out the water, that’s unlikely to change. Money talks, but how likely is a jawdropping investment?

Close to £15m to prise him away from Ibrox

It may sound insane, but that’s how Rangers value him. When Bordeaux bid the better part of £4m for the striker, Gerrard said they wouldn’t even entertain offers unless they were three times as much.

That’s at least £12m.

With a reported £7m offer from Dynamo Kyiv in the offing, they’ll need to almost double it to get him.

Who’s interested?

French giants Marseille and Bordeaux have been monitoring Morelos’ situation carefully and Dynamo Kyiv were said to have tested Rangers resolve with an offer this morning.

After qualifying for the Europa League Rangers certainly do not require to sell and will hold out for the £15m price they’re looking for.

If none of these three teams can stump up the cash, we can expect to see El Bufalo score a few more goals at Ibrox yet.

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