Rangers upstage Celtic with classy statement amid Old Firm furore
Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images

Rangers upstage Celtic with classy statement amid Old Firm furore

Rangers have shown their class to upstage Celtic with a clear statement regarding potential gatherings ahead of the Old Firm on March 21st.

Following fan celebrations in Glasgow City Centre on the day Rangers mathematically won the title the Scottish Government has threatened to postpone the match if they are not given assurances over gatherings.

The responsibility ultimately falls on supporters, but it is clear the government wants a unified and consistent approach from football clubs themselves in messaging to fans.

This was hammered home by justice minister Humza Yousaf who made it clear that postponing the match was a possibility ahead of a meeting between key stakeholders, including the clubs themselves.

This is despite there being no intimation anywhere – to our knowledge – of fans congregating other than a suspicious flyer aimed at Celtic supporters.

Celtic released a salty statement prior to the meeting taking place – something some may find inappropriate in the circumstances – where they couldn’t even bring themselves to mention Rangers.

In it, they took a dig at those celebrations saying, “the Scottish Government has already made clear to Celtic that it does not in any way associate the scenes last weekend with Celtic or our supporters.”

Two police officers were injured in lockdown-defying Celtic fan riots at Celtic Park in late November. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

They also took what appeared like another thinly-veiled dig at Ibrox as they hailed themselves as being “clear” with messaging, something a little self-indulgent considering those lockdown-breaking Parkhead riots in November.

Rangers, in contrast, would wait until the meeting had been conducted – in a professionalism sincerely lacking across the city – before giving their two cents.

Capable of naming Celtic, the Rangers statement acknowledges the meeting, describing it as “very productive” and agreeing to support the “stay at home” message.

The club would ask “everyone follows Government guidance” in the fight against Covid-19. Read it all HERE.

Scenes of Rangers fans partying in George Square infuriated the Scottish Government with the upcoming Old Firm match Celtic allegedly under threat as a result. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

No nonsense, no bluster, no bitterness – just straight-talking sense after the meeting had actually been conducted – in turn showing Celtic up in the process.

Not that Rangers appeared to mind the early release of a salty Celtic statement – the club coincidentally released a very timely tweet just as Celtic had sent it out.