angers staffer Colin Stewart has taken a dig at Craig Whyte as he praised the current regime for overturning “four years of neglect” at Ibrox.
The Head of Operations at the Rangers Youth Development Company has been with Rangers 20 years and is absolutely delighted that work is being done to restore the stadium.
Speaking in an enlightening interview with the Evening Times, Stewart believes Ibrox is beginning to feel like home again.

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But there was a time in the not so distant past when things weren’t quite so rosy, and the time under Craig Whyte is something Stewart hasn’t forgotten.
“I only met Craig Whyte twice,” Stewart said. “I remember sitting for the first time with Craig and I thought to myself ‘I have never sat with a billionaire before’. Before the second meeting, I realised I still hadn’t.
“I refused to meet Charles Green, I refused to meet (Derek) Llambias and (Barry) Leach. I met (Brian) Stockbridge and (Imran) Ahmad but I didn’t meet the Easdales (Sandy and James). There were very few of that group that I actually met.”
The dedicated Rangers fan has given much of his life to the club and the regime changes and gutting of Rangers appears to have hurt him. It hurt every Rangers fan.
And he revealed that during the turmoil, he kept himself to himself. And refused to give the leeches any money.
“It is terrible to say, we basically locked our door and got on with our work,” said Stewart.
“Sometimes I would take my laptop and work from home for a week because I knew they were looking for me and I would come back to all these missed calls.
“I refused to give them money. When the good guys arrived, I handed over money to Paul Murray.”

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Stewart was speaking more widely about the £8m investment behind the scenes at Rangers.
There are a variety of works underway at the ground, from the upgrading of plastic panels in the stands to the relaying of a new hybrid pitch [Four Lads Had a Dream] as well as the Hummel Training Centre.
It’s something which Colin Stewart feels is a massive step forward from previous regimes.

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