Rangers fans proud as club takes "unequivocal" stance on racism
Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Rangers fans proud as club takes "unequivocal" stance on racism

Rangers have sent a strong statement to fans who do not stand beside their players amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests across sport and the discussion concerning racism in football.

Rangers fans rallied behind the likes of Connor Goldson and the rest of the team’s black players after a loud minority backlash to the Ibrox side taking the knee in the Veolia Trophy tournament in France.

Sportspeople across the world have been doing the gesture to take a stand against the racism which is still so prevalent in our society today, taking a second to appreciate the continuing racism, institutional or otherwise, aimed at black people across the world.

Rangers defender Connor Goldson deserves credit for bravely speaking out about the reaction from some fans to an Instagram post concerning the BLM protest and the ongoing conversation about racism in sport. (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

Highlighting the disgusting racist abuse aimed at Alfredo Morelos – which is now subject to a police investigation – Rangers have made it clear that anyone who holds such views is not welcome at Ibrox.

“Alfredo Morelos was the victim of racist abuse via social media on Friday evening. This hate crime is now subject of a police investigation,” reads a Rangers statement.

“This is unacceptable, cannot be tolerated and must be condemned by everyone in Scottish football and society as a whole.

“Furthermore, as a club, we stand firmly behind our players who have taken a knee prior to recent games. This is a strong stance against racism.

“We will work tirelessly to protect our players every single day and will not tolerate the abuse or hatred that some have had to endure in recent days.

“To be clear, if you are unable to support our players, regardless of their background, you are not welcome at Ibrox. Rangers is a club for all.

‘Everyone Anyone’, our groundbreaking diversity and inclusion initiative, celebrates its first anniversary on Wednesday. Recent incidents highlight the importance of our campaign which we will continue to drive forward.”

Alfredo Morelos was racially abused as he took part in an Instagram live video last week. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

As Rangers approaches the year anniversary of the ground-breaking Everyone, Anyone campaign, the Gers have made it clear that anyone not on board with the message, isn’t welcome at Ibrox.

Naturally, a swell of the club’s supporters have expressed their happiness that the club have spoken out and taken a leading role on the issue.

A vocal minority of Rangers fans were overwhelmingly stamped out by a proud majority who have made it clear they will no longer stand for this kind of unacceptable behaviour.

When one fan or a group of fans behaves this way, it tars us all, it hurts the players.

Here’s how many Gers fans reacted to the message on Twitter:




Rangers have been unequivocal on this matter – there is no room for racism at Ibrox and if you can’t get on board with that, you’re not welcome at the club.

These comments are just a drop in the ocean of support which has been sent the way of our black players in the last few days.

The Everyone, Anyone campaign will be one year old come Wednesday and this debate is perhaps a timely one given the backdrop and circumstances.

We are all the people.