It appears no one can resist taking a pop at Celtic this season and Rangers fans are in stitches after the Parkhead club was jabbed by sandwich giant Subway.

Social media accounts love to get stuck into banter these days and one unassuming Celtic fan set himself up for a hammering when he criticised the New York deli-inspired sandwichery.

Subway sandwich bar logo seen in Devon

Global sandwich giant Subway has a few new fans in Rangers supporters. (Photo by Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The Parkhead fan had lambasted Subway for being “miserable” with the portions they hand out to customers in their stores.

Twitter user @Bigmaverick1 said: “Knowing @Subway they’ll count the number of crisps as they put them on your sub!! Miserable as they are!!”

The official Subway UK Twitter account would then rail against the Celtic supporter, taking a dig at the club’s proposed move for ex-Bournemouth coach Eddie Howe.

“Talking about miserable! Celtic appointing Eddie Howe as the new manager. That’s not even putting crisps on your sub but taking away the meat of your sub. #CrispIn”

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The Celtic fan would come back with one last jibe, claiming “If your (sic) looking a decent sandwich the LAST place to go is @Subway.”

Subway would then bring Rangers into the equation by claiming “If your (sic) looking for a decent game the first place to go is Ibrox Park.”

Needless to say Rangers fans found the entire thing hilarious and both saluted Subway whilst goading Celtic:


There’s been plenty of laughs this season with Gers fans everywhere probably feeling a bit peckish for their favourite Subway after the interaction.

Rangers fans should also love this latest effort from Celtic supporters who’ve hilariously tried to claim a Hollywood legend as a “big Celtic fan”.

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