Celtic fans everywhere have been trialling all sorts to help cope with the death of Terry Munro and Rangers’ 55th title success, but their latest effort is worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Over the last few months, we’ve taken great pleasure in indulging in the tears of our rivals – and we hope you’ve enjoyed it – as they’ve resorted to type with every dropped point this season.

Bruce Willis And Wife Emma Heming Attend CocoBaba And Ushopal Activity In Shanghai
Hollywood star Bruce Willis is a “big Celtic fan” apparently and Rangers fans should be asking why he isn’t wearing a Union Bears hat. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

Whether it’s the old victim card, the Covid-19 pandemic or the era-defining new club patter, there’s no shortage of salt in Glasgow as our rivals come to terms with the end of an era.

Whilst Sevcoing and crying conspiracy are the stereotypical preserve of many Celtic fans, loosely laying claim to anyone of slight fame as a Parkhead supporter is another tell-tale characteristic of our friends to the east.

But alongside Steven Gerrard, Bob Marley, Barry from Eastenders and anyone else who’s ever been slightly famous in history, Bruce Willis is the latest “big” Celtic fan you never knew was a big Celtic fan.

Well, that’s according to the Daily Record and the Scottish Sun, who brand him as a “big Celtic fan” and “yet another addition to their ranks of celebrity fans” respectively.

Why? Well because he was given a hat by Gianni Capaldi (who?).

Prime belter and “actor” Capaldi, who no-one appears to know, has attempted to claim Bruce Willis as one of their own in a kind of weird attempt at goading Rangers fans.

Seriously, have a look at these wonderfully salty tweets:



Yeah, I suppose that makes the Die Hard actor a “big” Celtic fan and is probably worthy of a story in the Record and the Sun. Yeah, definitely.

Seriously, if Bruce Willis was a Celtic fan more power to him but this weird desperation some Parkhead supporters have with claiming famous people who quite clearly do not support their club are supporters is like nothing you’ll see with any other team.

It’s just so cringey and desperate.

If Bruce Willis wasn’t enough, here’s Gianni with lifelong Parkhead fan Kevin Dillon.


If you weren’t cringing before, you must be now. But wait, there’s more.

If you want an even bigger laugh, Capaldi was hilariously cropped out of an image with Bruce Willis by Kevin Dillon on the actor’s Instagram.



Ouch. What a brass neck Gianni bud, we’re embarrassed for you.

Want more cringey Celtic fan-based hilarity? Here’s a host of them claiming that the shortlist for the Player of the Year should be made up of Masonic referees. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

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