Rangers fans have previously called for SPFL chief Neil Doncaster to show his face amid the Covid-19 crisis and his latest comments have caused something of a stir.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Doncaster apparently “refused to rule out null and void” as he discussed the ongoing situation with the pandemic.


SPFL chief Neil Doncaster has finally appeared on the scene with Scottish football under the cosh with his latest comments being repurposed to wind-up Rangers fans. (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

But Rangers fans aren’t having it as they railed against the flailing newspaper for what they see as clickbait coverage designed merely to cause a panic amongst the support.

Here’s what Doncaster actually said, as quoted in the Record:


“No one has a crystal ball but certainly if we carry on as we are then we’ve got a very good chance of completing the Premiership and Championship seasons.

“If the games can’t be completed and we end up where we were in March 2020 then clearly it’s going to be a very difficult situation.

“If the games can’t be completed and we end up where we were in March 2020 then clearly it’s going to be a very difficult situation.

“You’ve got to bear in mind over 75 per cent of games had been played in all four divisions of the SPFL when the season was curtailed.

“We certainly hope we will complete 100 per cent of the fixtures in all four divisions this season. It will be for the members to determine what happens in the event they are not.

“In the event the games couldn’t be played, then once again the members might have a decision to make.

“I’ve never ruled out anything. It’s up to the members to rule things in or out.

There has been absolutely no insinuation that the league will be made null and void in a shutdown and Doncaster actually suggests ending the season like this has much more “dramatic” consequences. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

“We are a members organisation and the members want to retain the power to decide whether the season should be curtailed or not rather than give it to the board.

“The consequences of a void season are much more dramatic, partly because of the commercial contracts which underpin the game but at the moment there is no reason to believe the Premiership and Championship won’t be completed.”

Not exactly worthy of the Record’s headline or of the coverage. It’s quite clear null and void is not a favourable option.

Rangers are 21 points clear in the Scottish Premiership and many media outlets are coming to terms with the fact that bridges they burned when the club was down may not be rebuilt.

For a newspaper such as the Daily Record, who are reliant on the so-called Blue Pound clicking their content or buying their paper, this is potentially devastating.

Rangers v Celtic - Ladbrokes Premiership

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard must ignore the noise and keep his head down, his eyes on the prize and the title within sight. (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

As a result of the ongoing friction between Rangers and the Daily Record, fans are not buying the alarmist story published in the newspaper this week

Rangers fans hissed back at the newspaper with many assuring fans that the story has no basis in reality and is merely designed to set the cat amongst the pigeons:

Whilst the Record have sensationalised the message here and Doncaster has been done up like a kipper, at least the SPFL chief executive has shown his face.

Rangers fans had previously asked where the guy was and what he was doing to justify is near £400k salary.

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