Rangers fans want to "impeach" SPFL exec posted missing during crisis
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Rangers fans want to "impeach" SPFL exec posted missing during crisis

As Scottish football undergoes a period of intense scrutiny, Rangers fans are asking where SPFL chief exec Neil Doncaster is.

The Gers infamously called for Doncaster’s suspension in pre-season amid the end-of-season voting debacle and since then the out-of-touch chief has scarcely been seen.

Rangers fans asking where hideaway SPFL exec Neil Doncaster is.

In the middle of a crisis – and requiring leadership after Celtic’s disastrous trip to Dubai – any ordinary members’ association would look to its chief executive to steer the ship.

But Doncaster remains in the shadows at Hampden and despite his lucrative salary which touches the bones of £400k per year [Herald], the SPFL boss is nowhere to be seen.

It’s the latest in a long line of calamities in the governance of the Scottish game, a governance which Rangers pushed to upheave in the summer.

Murmurs of discontent have once again been levelled towards the organisation with Falkirk having enough and demanding change at the top of the nation’s game.

Seriously under threat of an overhaul – and in-turn potentially losing his job – Doncaster has an opportunity to display fit and proper leadership.

But once again the chief executive has come up short and Rangers fans have been left asking where the overpaid exec is amid the crisis:





Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has since “apologised” for the Dubai trip but still struggled to take any real responsibility for the situation.

Rangers fans also railed against the suggestion that Celtic have been affected by the pandemic more than any other club.

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