A petition to oust under-fire SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster is approaching 30k signatures as Rangers continue calls for the members’ organisation exec to be axed.

The petition has been launched amid allegations of corruption and foul play within the SPFL, over which Doncaster resides in one of the most senior roles.

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The petition simply states, “Remove Neil Doncaster from his position at the SPFL as chief executive” and at the time of writing had over 27k signatures.

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You can view it HERE.

Rangers claim to have obtained evidence from an SPFL whistleblower which the club deem serious enough to call for Doncaster’s immediate suspension.

Alongside SPFL legal advisor Rod McKenzie, Rangers interim chairman Douglas Park has requested Doncaster is relieved of his duties [Rangers] whilst an independent investigation is carried out.


“The lack of leadership and responsibility from the SPFL as a members’ organisation has shocked me,” said Douglas Park.

“If ever there was a time for complete openness and transparency, it is now.

“Crucial decisions are being made on the issues of promotion and relegation behind closed doors and without proper time for consideration or debate.


“The farcical conduct of this affair seems to me to bring the corporate governance and business operations of the SPFL into sharp focus.

“It is an example of an undemocratic culture, which has existed within the SPFL for far too long.

“As a member club, we are disturbed by the evidence that has been presented and feel there is no choice but to call for an independent investigation into this entire matter.

“Other member clubs, who have seen the evidence we hold, share our concerns.

“We call for the suspension of the SPFL’s Chief Executive, Neil Doncaster and its legal adviser, Rod McKenzie while an independent investigation is conducted.”

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Doncaster will be in no rush to give up his position at the SPFL such is the remarkable salary the Englishman receives despite the SPFL’s apparent incompetence.

According to this report from the Scottish Sun, Doncaster earned an incredible £388k last financial year, more than some of the football clubs he resides over year in year out.

The SPFL have demanded Rangers hand the evidence over to them or withdraw their claims but the Ibrox side have no intention of letting the SPFL “mark their own homework” [Four Lads].

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