Rangers fans must take responsibility for this at Ibrox: opinion
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Needless Ibrox negativity doesn't help anyone

Rangers as a football club are probably about as unique as they come.

From the inside and outside of Ibrox stadium, to the trophy room littered with success and the legions of loyal supporters, we stand apart from any and everyone else.

It’s a pretty special club to be a part of.

One thing which Rangers fans demand is a commitment to the cause every game. It’s the least we expect actually. Standards are everything at Ibrox.

Steven Gerrard has brought back standards to Ibrox, but can fans be too harsh to jump on the team when the going gets tough? (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

But sometimes that can transform into negativity and really seep into the atmosphere in the ground.

Yesterday, against Aberdeen, I saw two wild overreactions only 15 minutes into the game. This was mouth-frothing, irrational anger. It was a seethe. And it was painful to watch.

Some fans threw in the towel early

Yes we were 1-0 down, but we had 80 minutes to change it. The same people wouldn’t sing, make a peep or congratulate the team if we’d scored. These are the same people who want Gerrard sacked or Morelos sold after one poor result.

They’re frustrating and infectious. They’ve come for the result and the win, not for the football. But fans must know it takes a lot more than showing up to get these points.

And that needless Ibrox negativity brings everyone else down. Including the players. I saw it against Villarreal too.

Rangers fans demand the highest standards, but where does largely uncalled for anger and hissing cross the line?

Rangers fans are amongst the loyal and passionate in football. (Photo by Steve Bardens – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

The performance was atrocious last night and we’ve every right to be disappointed. But with 80 minutes to go these fans had thrown in the towel.

This negativity brings the club down.

Whilst we can’t lose that demand for the highest performance every game, we need to take things one game at a time and be in the moment with the players.

And remember, when the cards are down, at the end of the day we’re football club supporters. Sometimes we just need to support.

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