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Kevin Thomson "genuinely can't see a solution" to ongoing controversy

Former Rangers midfielder Kevin Thomson has said he “genuinely can’t see a solution” to the ongoing issues surrounding the disciplinary process.
Speaking on BT Sport, the former Scotland international was very blunt about the entire thing.
Thomson believes that unless clubs start seeing eye-to-eye, things will never change. It’s something which Thommo describes it as “laughable”.

“It’s laughable,” said Kevin Thomson. “We’re that far apart that I genuinely can’t see a solution.
“Every time we’re on the telly we’re talking about the SFA, we’re talking about decisions.”
Reporter Darrell Currie then sort of hounds Thomson into giving answers to the ongoing issues. But the Rangers midfielder shuts down his suggestion of using foreign refs.
That idea was also shot down by the refereeing union earlier in the week.
Thomson, like everyone else, doesn’t have the answers. But he does suggest referees are taken on full time, or perhaps even coached better by the SFA.

Kevin Thomson spent four years at Ibrox between 2006 and 2010, playing over 100 times. (Photo credit should read GRAHAM STUART/AFP/Getty Images)

One thing Thomson does recognise is that “if we’re going to continue to be miles apart and not be on the same page, every single club collectively right through Scotland, and the SFA, then we’re never going to get anywhere.”
Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson was also outspoken on the disciplinary process this week. The Rangers executive condemned what is being described as “trial by Sportscene.”

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