Rangers Managing Director calls out BBC Scotland in impressive response
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Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson calls out BBC Scotland

Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson has called out BBC Scotland for “treating Rangers  differently”.
In a video released on the club’s communication channels, Robertson didn’t hold back when discussing “trial by Sportscene”. This is in reference to the ongoing discussion on the disciplinary process in the Scottish game.
The MD also laid bare the club’s ongoing discussion with the National Broadcaster about ending BBC Scotland’s boycott on the reportage of Rangers.

In a wider discussion about Rangers’ calls for reform of the SFA’s disciplinary process, Stewart Robertson said, “It also feels as though the incidents which are highlighted on television at the weekend are the incidents that are picked up the Compliance Officer on the Monday.
“I’ve heard this expression trial by TV, or trial by Sportscene, and that certainly feels like the way it’s going.
“The correlation between what’s shown on television at the weekend and what’s reviewed on a Monday is very high”.

Rangers and BBC Scotland remain at loggerheads

Robertson would then go on to discuss the club’s strained relationship with BBC Scotland. He claims the outlet has confirmed they won’t come to Ibrox, raising questions on whether they are treating the club differently. Robertson says they “have it in writing” that the BBC are.
The Rangers MD then spoke about the vilification of Alfredo Morelos from Sportscene. Morelos was subjected to a sensationalised campaign following Rangers’ Old Firm win over Celtic for three main in-game incidents. As a result of the coverage, the incidents were poured over continuously throughout the winter break.

Alfredo Morelos has been subjected to a derogatory and sensationalised campaign by BBC Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Similar incidents from Celtic players in the same match weren’t even discussed. Robertson also claimed Rangers are the only organisation he’s aware of which has had two apologies from BBC Scotland in the last 12 months.
He then raised the issue surrounding the use of an image of Ryan Jack’s severed head back in October.
BBC Scotland were forced to apologise.
It’s a strong response by Rangers and Robertson speaks superbly throughout the video.
Whilst the main message of the video concerns reform of the disciplinary process, it has also been a powerful way of highlighting the apparent bias of BBC Scotland against the club.
Will the news provider respond? We’ll need to wait and see.

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