It's time Rangers fans cut club legend Ally McCoist some slack
photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images

It's time Rangers fans cut club legend Ally McCoist some slack

Ally McCoist might be a Rangers legend – but that’s not prevented the ire of supporters being placed firmly at his feet in recent weeks.
The club legend turned media pundit has come under fire from everything from comments on Alfredo Morelos to his commentary on a Celtic match. The big man can’t catch a break.
But should fans cut McCoist some slack or are they right to gun for the former Rangers striker?

Those mentions are some of the cleaner ones too. There’s a perception he doesn’t represent the club enough, that he is walked over by rivals. That McCoist is just trying to “fit in”. It’s ridiculous.
On Morelos, he criticises his discipline [originally the Express] and he’s suddenly in support of the cabal against Rangers. He says something in defence of the club, and he hasn’t defended it enough. It was only last week he was criticising Celtic coach John Kennedy for ridiculous comments on Scott Brown.
And on the Celtic goal cheering comments – he was obviously just referencing the quality of the goal. Give it a rest.

McCoist is a Rangers legend and deserves more respect

There is arguably no greater Rangers icon than Super Ally McCoist. The face of Rangers all-dominating 90s side, Ally’s cheeky demeanour and legendary goalscoring exploits earned him the acclaim of fans and rivals alike.
He remains the club’s greatest ever goalscorer. His record of 355 strikes is also unlikely to be beaten. McCoist too stuck by the club as we tumbled down the divisions in 2012, even coining the famous “we don’t do walking away” slogan.

Super Ally McCoist won 20 trophies with Rangers (Photo by Ben Radford/Allsport/Getty Images)

That’s after three years of service as an assistant. His time as manager had a visible impact on McCoist and it’s something, despite the mistakes and poor investments, he clearly tried his best in.
This notion the man deserves to be criticised for everything he says is ludicrous. McCoist is a Rangers legend. He clearly loves the club. And he deserves more respect from Rangers supporters.