Former Rangers striker Kris Boyd has taken aim at everything from Mark Allen to Borna Barisic in a stinging column with the Scottish Sun.

The current Kilmarnock player didn’t hold back as he suggested “there’s nothing exciting about being a Rangers fan right now”. It seems even Jermain Defoe wasn’t safe from his stinging riposte.

The striker’s comments were bound to have supporters talking. Here’s what they’ve had to say on what Boyd had to say about what everyone else had to say post Aberdeen.


Whilst his words say all the right things – “this shouldn’t happen at Rangers”, “wasn’t like that in my day”, “not good enough” – his ire seems misdirected. Fans don’t really agree with him at all.

It feels like he’s trolling us. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s trolled Scottish Premiership fans either.

But more than that, he doesn’t seem to have much of a clue what he’s talking about. Gerrard correcting him on Mark Allen’s role at the club says it all.

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Boyd’s entire column is about Allen being Head of Recruitment!

Kris Boyd scored close to 150 goals in two spells at Ibrox. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

But above all else – his comments are unproductive. He’s taking advantage of the club’s mini crisis to stoke a fire. There’s a real lack of sincerity. It’s also counterintuitive to the club’s aims and ambitions.

Had he been speaking from the heart or suggested some positives or solutions, fans might’ve bought into what he’s trying to say. But it’s just negative, morose, uncreative twaddle. And no-one’s interested.

The general consensus from fans is that Boyd’s not talking a lot of rational sense here. And these are among the more polite comments.