Castore co-founder Tom Beahon has explained that they hope to expand the number of Rangers stores, as quoted by the Scottish Sun.

The up and coming Liverpool-based company were officially announced as the club’s kit and retail partners on Sunday in a five-year deal thought to be worth £25 million, which will kick in ahead of the 2020/21 season.

Speaking on talkSPORT on Tuesday, Tom promised supporters that the price of replica jerseys would remain the same going forward but that a ‘pro’ jersey would be sold at a higher price while revealing that the brand intended to increase the range of Gers products by venturing into lifestyle wear.

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Now, he’s outlined his ambitions to increase the number of Rangers stores.

At present, there are only two in operation, one of which is located in St Enoch Square in central Glasgow and the other on Castle Lane in Belfast.

“I mean, 13 plus stores in the past, the demand is clearly there for that,” he said, as quoted by the Scottish Sun. “Now, I am of the opinion that there’s a balance here between a commercial decision, so how many stores are right commercially? But also there’s an element of just competitive instinct.”



“And I guess what I mean by that is; if Celtic have a store in Glasgow Airport, this football club needs to have a store in Glasgow Airport.

“I’m going to have to or someone in my business is going to have to have a conversation with the landlords that are leasing out those stores and that is a commercial consideration but that is something that I want to see. Because I do not want fans flying in from all over the world to watch games at Ibrox and not to be able to see a Rangers store at the airport when they’re coming in or leaving.

“In terms of total stores, we think somewhere between five and ten for Rangers only stores, but the final number will be dictated by where the rental market goes in the next 12-18/24 months.”

The Rangers Megastore will be reopened before more Gers stores pop up around the UK.

The Rangers Megastore will be reopened before more Gers stores pop up around the UK. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)


This is another positive detail to emerge from Castore’s early plans to revamp Rangers’ retail operations.

The club has been restricted as to what it could offer in recent years due to legal considerations but now the Ibrox Megastore is set to be refurbished and over time, more shops opened in new locations.

Of course, the individual viability of each potential new premises will have to be assessed.

Yet, the lengthy queues that built up ahead of the grand opening of the central Glasgow store in late 2018 give an insight into the appetite of supporters for merchandise.

As for the situation in Glasgow airport, many fans will agree with Beahon that if Celtic have a shop, Rangers must also have a presence.

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