A total of 106 days on from when Celtic sacked Neil Lennon, they finally charged little-known Aussie coach Ange Postecoglou with the task of halting a rampant Rangers.

The Gers come off the back of an unbeaten season a well-oiled and well-balanced unit, where creative young talent has combined with wily old heads to establish the Gers as Scotland’s premier side.

Rangers v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership

Rangers were reuinted with the Scottish Premiership trophy last month and – trust me – it felt so good. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It has been a long time coming for Rangers and for plenty of Celtic fans they are still in a post-spin haze, the Rangers whirlwind leaving them unsettled and unsure how it all happened so quickly.

After all, Rangers were supposed to dead – and according to even celebrity fan Frankie Boyle, 10IAR a certainty but for the prospect of a nuclear bomb.

I bet Steven Gerrard’s probably been called worse things in the east end of Glasgow.

Over the course of the last few months Rangers fans have undoubtedly been Living It Up and driving our rivals and detractors mouth-frothingly wild in the process.

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Rangers’ first title since the events of 2012 was always going to spark a meltdown across the city but even we couldn’t have predicted what ensued after the celebrations.

They genuinely have been the gift that keeps on giving; from fans in denial, to the imminent fire-sale of their best players, to the fact we won the league in early March.

Then there’s the failed pursuit of Eddie Howe – as fans aplenty sang his name and changed their display pictures – which ended, as so much has for Celtic this year, in tears.

Tears of raucous laughter. The Celtic Banter era wasn’t coming to an end, it had just hit its peak.

Even this week before big Ange’s transfer from Yokohama F. Marinos was officially rubberstamped – on a 12-month rolling contract no less – the banners outside the ground in protest of the board were a source of considerable hilarity.


Not even Jim’s dad, of American Pie fame, was safe.

This is before we talk about the uncomfortable sentiment over their manager, the anger at the Board, the remarkable turnover of players next season, the fine nick Rangers find themselves in.

This is a sticky wicket and they know it.

After 10 years of being force-fed rubbish and schadenfreude by our rivals and by plenty in the media, our reaction was long overdue. They told us this was impossible.

We’ve enjoyed sticking the boot in – and quite right too.


Rangers fans have earned the right to celebrate – and also to goad their rivals. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

They hammered us for almost a decade – they can barely handle it for 45 minutes.

Rangers fans stuck by their club in a way that continues to be replicated even mid-Covid-19 and which so many fundamentally cannot understand; no matter how much they bash our club it only emboldens the support.

We went nowhere and we’re going nowhere.

But what so many of us now are waking up to, is the genuine feeling that this was only the first rung of a big ladder. Rangers have dominance in their sights.

Rangers v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership

Steven Gerrard has 56 in his sights and no-one will be more determined to secure that automatic Champions League spot than him. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So, whilst the circus rolls on at Celtic Park – and promises plenty more laughs to come – the focus must be on Rangers.

If we get that right – and I’ve no doubt we will – there’s every chance the bandaged-up wheels will come flying off the circus wagon and the Great White Sharks will be out for Ange before long.

Fancy more hilarity? Here’s how Rangers fans reacted as Ange was knocked out of Emperor’s Cup by a fourth-tier amateur side in his final game in Japan.

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