Former Rangers chairman Dave King has been back in the press this week airing an ambiguous dispute with Douglas Park and the Ibrox board in the press and now he has given his two cents on Chris Sutton.

The Gers have revoked the press rights of BT Sport pundit Sutty in a move which has been lamented by Rangers supporters but widely criticised outside of the club.

Dave King has gone on the offensive against the Rangers board this week and it remains unclear precisely why. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

The issue surrounds what Rangers feel is unnecessary, unfair and false coverage of both the Ibrox club and the game in Scotland, ranging from needless digs to conspiracy theories.

Rangers – and clearly the fans – feel that the coverage Chris Sutton provides doesn’t warrant their assistance and as a result, BT Sport even covered the last round of Europa League fixtures from Celtic Park.

The entire thing has the European coverage of Rangers and Celtic at a stand-off and Dave King claims that Rangers need to grow thicker skin.

That’s despite high profile disputes with the likes of BBC Scotland reporter Chris McLaughlin and outspoken columnist Graeme Spiers during King’s time at Ibrox.

Dave King attacks Rangers board over Chris Sutton move

“The idea that the club can silence challenging supporters, reporters and regulatory authorities is not only wrong, it is completely unbecoming of Rangers,” said Dave King [Scottish Daily Mail].

“Rangers should be a leader in standing up for individual rights and opinions – even if they don’t agree with them.

“I have not been the beneficiary of kind comment from Chris Sutton but I would never even remotely consider the possibility of banishing him from our stadium and using untenable health and safety arguments as justification. We should be bigger than that.”

These comments come after ambiguous Dave King claims surrounding the leadership of Douglas Park and the directorship of son Graeme came out in the Daily Record.

Rangers fans were frustrated that King has run to the paper – against whom the Gers and prominent fan media have a dispute – with the move seemingly undermining the approach of Club 1872.

Some Rangers fans, frustrated with all the ambiguity, have urged the Ibrox shareholder to divulge more information about the dispute or stop causing friction in public:

All of this comes at a time when Dave King is trying to encourage supporters to buy his shares via Club 1872 in a special legacy movement that would see the Rangers fan group retain boardroom influence.

Read more about the Club 1872 legacy packages and Dave King’s involvement here.

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