Ex-Rangers chair explains vote as he undermines Club 1872 campaign
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Ex-Rangers chair explains vote as he undermines Club 1872 campaign

Former Rangers chairman Dave King has been speaking about his recent decision to vote against the re-election of Graeme Park as an Ibrox director at the club’s most recent AGM and his support of Club 1872.

Still an Ibrox shareholder, King claims that he had a “moral obligation” to vote down the appointment of Park – who is the son of chairman Douglas – from a director role.

Dave King remains a shareholder at Rangers and is often credited as “saving” the club from the clutches of the previous regime. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

It made no difference to the end vote with Graeme Park receiving the backing of 81.1% of shareholders but the fact King voted against the move has been of major interest to fans.

But as King moved to clarify his position, the vagueness of his answers and the fact he’s done so in the Daily Record have turned the heads of supporters traditionally grateful for his contribution.

Dave King largely viewed positively by Rangers fans

Dave King is widely viewed as the figurehead of the group took over Rangers in 2015 and fans have heralded the South Africa-based businessman for his contribution to the club.

However, there is a sentiment that speaking to this newspaper – with whom Rangers and Rangers fan media have an open dispute – is a low blow to fans.

The comments regarding the “moral obligation” also serve only to heap pressure on the situation rather than offer any real clarity, with fans left scratching their head at the cryptic comments.

“I have a fiduciary duty to vote my shares in what I consider to be in the best interest of myself and my fellow shareholders,” said King.

“I also believe that I have a continuing moral obligation to consider the interest of supporters at all times.

“I have voted in accordance with the knowledge that I have.”

There appears to be a clash between Douglas Park, his son Graeme and outgoing Ibrox chairman Dave King.
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King also voted down a motion which allows further shares to be issued to select investors but claimed in the paper that “I am completely at ease with dilution as long as it is done at the right value and is necessary to continue improvement at the club”.

This interview comes after King criticised comments in Rangers’ most recent set of AGM results where he described information pertaining to interest repayments as “incorrect”.

King’s comments only serve to suggest that there is discontent between Dave and the current regime but do little to add understanding as to the reason why.

Dave King claims Rangers are “marginalising” Club 1872

Dave King also took the interview as an opportunity to reaffirm his belief in Club 1872, with the businessman aiming to sell his shares to supporters via the fans group shareholder.

King has been steadfast in his belief that by supporting this group it would “never again” allow the events of 2012 to take place at Rangers but there is some disagreement with the organisation amongst pockets of fans.

This has led to a recent attempt at overhauling the structure of Club 1872 – which failed – and some infighting in Rangers circles, with Club 1872 releasing a statement on “false allegations” surrounding Company directors in August.

Nonetheless, King believes that the influence of the group is important and claims there’s a “disconnect” between Rangers and the organisation, believing that Rangers are “marginalising” Club 1872.

“All present signs are that greater supporter influence is becoming increasingly important,” said Dave King.

“But I am concerned about the disconnect between Rangers and Club 1872.

“Club 1872 represents thousands of supporters who rallied behind the club in its time of need.

“To see them marginalised by the club and their officers unfairly subjected to a coordinated attack was shameful and disloyal.

“It is most certainly not consistent with the values that I spent so much time reintroducing at the Club following regime change.”

Club 1872 have been one of the most vocal opponents of Reach PLC and their coverage of Rangers, even launching a Change the Record campaign a few seasons ago which, whether conscious or otherwise, King appears to have undermined.

Dave King comments give Rangers fans food for thought but uncertainty remains

All of this gives fans food for thought but it’s hard to ignore the fact Dave King is speaking vaguely and that there’s a real feeling of airing our dirty laundry in public.

Fans find themselves in the middle of a so-called Ibrox “civil war” with the press being used to prod rather than seriously analyse or give colour to the situation. It’s unhelpful.

There is clearly a level of friction at board room level and a disagreement between the stewardship of the club between Dave King and the likes of Douglas Park and John Bennett.

But far from embolden supporters to a noble cause, Dave King risks alienating them.

Rangers fans have been left confused after Dave King’s comments. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

There’s also an argument here that whilst fans might be unhappy with the discontent being pushed by King at a positive time for the club, it’s better to know about these things than bury their heads in the sand.

Fans undoubtedly deserve to know and we all have Rangers’ best interests at heart, but is this really the way to go about making sure they’re seen to?

Meanwhile, Rangers fans have been criticising the authorities after a ticketing “shambles” leaves supporters out of pocket.