Rangers fans have been gunning for the SPFL and the Scottish footballing authorities as a Swiss Ramble review into the club’s finances helps recent complaints hit home.

The Gers have made no bones about the recent friction between themselves and the professional members’ body and this was reiterated at a recent AGM.

Rangers show no signs of letting up in disputes with the authorities and are clear that they believe the powers that be are underselling the game in Scotland.

This appears to be backed up by the Swiss Ramble analysis of the Rangers accounts, which looks at the club’s financial situation following the announcement of £23.5m losses [Rangers].

The thread discusses the increase in pre-tax losses, the fall in revenue, an increase in the wage bill and the impact a lack of matchday revenue had on the accounts.


Swiss Ramble also explain that the losses are due to “recovery investment” as the club looks to rebuild after the financial collapse of 2012.

The thread also applies context to the Rangers losses by noting the substantial losses of Barcelona (£422m), Inter Milan (£215m) and Juventus (£184m).

Swiss Ramble also hammer home the gap between Rangers and Celtic when it comes to player sales with Celtic raking in £112m over the last nine years and Rangers only £8m.

That said, the revenue gap between the two clubs has shrunk significantly.

However, it is the situation surrounding TV deal and commercial packages attached to the whole of Scottish football which has caught the attention of supporters.

Rangers’ revenue of £59m is less than half the £130m required to break into the top 30 European Clubs as shown by the Deloitte Money League global ranking.

Rangers were as high as 18th in 2006 and Swiss Ramble refer to Rangers as “the proverbial big fish in a small pond” with the £221m revenue generated by the Scottish Premiership being dwarfed by leagues around Europe.

These predictably include the likes of the English Premier League (£5.1bn) and the Bundesliga (£3.2bn) but more comparatively Austria (£266m) and Switzerland (£229m) also top Scotland.

These are divisions who do not boast clubs with the following of Rangers or even Old Firm rivals Celtic.

The thread also points to comments made about the Scottish TV deal with Sky Sports by Rangers chairman Douglas Park, another outspoken opponent of the current standard of SPFL governance.

This data suggests that while leagues and clubs around Europe were developing over the last 15 or so years the authorities in Scotland have been sleeping.

Much of this may have to do with the drama of 2012 and the subsequent fall out but it is clear that not only was Rangers’ financial collapse bad for Rangers, but it was catastrophic for Scottish football, at least financially and in terms of the coefficient.

Rangers fans, and others in Scottish football are frustrated with the management of the national game and have taken to Twitter to express their anger:

Meanwhile, a former Rangers chairman has opened up a dispute with the current regime at Ibrox as fans raise eyebrows over the route taken by the businessman.

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