The case for McInnes

If certain media outlets, pals of pals down the pub, and trusted sources are to be believed, then it would appear that Rangers next manager

Whisper Whisper

“Pssst! Pssst! Have you heard the latest at Ibrox? Well, let me tell you this then……..” As I write this, it has been leaked this

My Old Firm Memory

Take yourself back for a minute. Back to a time where NTL were still a functioning media and communication organisation in its own right, the

A Tribute to Davie Cooper

When you say the name Davie Cooper, the reaction you’ll get will be the same. A wry smile, as the other person immediately cast their

Busy Week, But Busier To Come

After the excellent performance of Rangers at Ibrox last Saturday, perhaps the international break has come a little too soon into the reign of new

Celtic 1 Rangers 1

12th of March 2017 As I type, I don’t mind telling you that I am just a little bit fragile this morning. Like the majority