Rangers B head coach David McCallum hopes this season will see the Gers support really get behind his side in the Lowland League and help with his players’ development.

The Light Blues kick off their second season in the fifth tier tomorrow night away to Civil Service Strollers and McCallum is keen to see fans turn out when they return to Dumbarton for their home games.

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The Gers coach ‘can’t emphasise enough’ how important playing in front of paying supporters and building a ‘profile’ is for his young stars as they look to force their way into the first-team picture.

“We would hope so,” McCallum said when asked if one objective this season would be growing the crowds that attend B team games.

“We’ll try and make sure, as far as the fixtures go that we hope there are very limited clashes with the first team because ultimately that has an impact. It’s our responsibility, as a team, to make sure we put on a performance that entices fans to come along. It’s got to be entertaining, it’s got to be interesting.

“That’s something we’ll try and implement from our side and I thought that was the case last season. People were coming away from our games last season speaking about individuals which is important because that’s them building a profile and supporters getting to know them that they maybe didn’t previously. Hopefully, we can be competing at the top end of the table as well which’ll continue to entice people along.

“We’ll be visiting areas of the country that’ll hopefully have a Rangers fanbase that might get an opportunity to come and see us that might not necessarily be the case. For example, if we’re travelling east and if we’re playing at Dumbarton it might not be as normal for them to come and watch us so hopefully they might come and watch us at places like Tranent, the Borders etc as we go through the season.

“It was the case last season but I can’t emphasise enough how important that was for the players. They really enjoyed the interest and the pressure because it does bring pressure as there are people coming to watch that aren’t always known to the players when previously you’ve got parents and friends.

“It’s easy to go and play in front of them but what’s interesting is people paying to come and watch. The season ticket this season will hopefully be of interest to a number of fans who found it interesting and enjoyable to come and watch us. We do know we have a responsibility to try and make sure people want to come and watch us so that’s our challenge to make sure that’ll continue to be the case.”

Getting big crowds would be fantastic for Rangers B stars this season

While what happens on the pitch is the most important aspect, playing in front of real crowds is something that is vital in the players’ development.

Going from playing in front of friends and family to 50,000 at Ibrox is a huge leap and playing in front of several thousand supporters just now can help prepare them for that jump.

With the club offering season tickets for the B team this season, hopefully the supporters respond and get right behind McCallum’s side.

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