Rangers Rumours Round-Up: Player Rebellion?

A quick look at the news and rumours surrounding Rangers this week.

In terms of transfers, only two names have been mentioned this week. A fourth, and potentially final, bid was made for Jamie Walker. It’s been suggested that this has yet again been rejected, and as things stand there’s no movement there. We seem unwilling to match the demands of Hearts, although we’re not miles away. If the player is desperate to sign for us, it may happen, but it’ll take some time it seems.

The other name which has came up again is Naismith. The debate on the merits of his signing has been done to death, resurrected, and thrashed to within an inch of it’s life, so there’s no point in covering that. The rumour is that the board are pushing for this deal, but Caixinha isn’t fully on board. It would seem the fans aren’t there yet either overall.

With regards outgoing players, Matt Crooks has signed for Northampton this week. The reported £125k fee is one I believe will seem very low a few years from now. Nottingham Forest have been linked with Wes Foderingham, and Rotherham with Windass. If Foderingham is to be sold, you’d hope we get a good fee for him.

Joe Dodoo may be on the verge of agreeing a loan deal, and a few clubs are in for O’Halloran. Hopefully they and others like Forrester and Kiernan will get moves soon, for their sake as much as anything.

We had a closed door friendly against St Johnstone which resulted in a 1-0 defeat. The reaction to that was hugely negative, but upon watching the game on Rangers TV, it was a decent workout. We need to start finishing our chances, as yet again we failed to convert a good number. However, that was nothing more than a training session. Games against Marseille and Sheffield Wednesday will be far more relevant in terms of judging progress before the start of the league campaign.

The most concerning rumour of the week was one of player revolt against Caixinha. A tweet from NewcoTed (very much someone with cracking inside knowledge) told us that a senior player at the club openly refers to Pedro as “the fraud” around the training ground. The timing of said tweet, just after the St Johnstone defeat but before anyone could watch the game, probably heightened the reaction somewhat. We’re told that Kenny Miller is leading some sort of player rebellion, that Halliday was sent away for having a go at the manager, that our Scottish players think the new signings are poor – a whole load of stuff that only ever comes out when things are seemingly difficult.

Someone who shall remain nameless but I know has very strong sources at the club has told me that a lot of this is hyperbole. We do have a certain amount of discontent at the club. However, it’s coming from players who are unhappy at the treatment of themselves or some of their friends in our attempts to move them on. When such a big turnaround is implemented, it’s very difficult not to have that sort of reaction.

Mentions of Miller being some sort of ringleader are absolute nonsense, and that’s hardly surprising given the sort of character he is. Players who are unhappy will be moved on. Whilst most would lay any blame for a bad atmosphere at the feet of the manager, it’s pretty clear he’s been told to rip this squad apart and make huge changes. Anyone who wants to stay will have to adapt and improve. We’ve made nine signings, and we want to make more. Caixinha has to prove his eye for a player,  but he shouldn’t be held solely responsible for the way the club has asked him to manage this situation.

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