It’s transfer deadline day, and it’s been a busy January for Rangers. Numerous players have come in, and noises from the club suggest that others may join them today. At the time of writing, there’s been nothing confirmed, and you may have more information at the time of reading. Let’s have a look at the names we’ve been linked with and the players possibly leaving.


This is the biggest breaking story of the last couple of days. An offer from a Chinese club has been rejected, and talks were ongoing. Rumours last night were conflicting – some were sure a deal had been struck for £8.5m, and others were refuting that. The fact that various journalists have been publishing contrary information shows how little is clear on this.

It would be a shame to lose Morelos this early in his Rangers career. However, if that figure is correct, it’s an offer the club can’t refuse. The player may not want the move, but it’s rare to see an offer of that size made without some sort of sounding out beforehand. The biggest issue Rangers have here is time. The window for the Chinese clubs doesn’t close until the end of February. As such, any move could still be made after tonight. If Rangers want a player to replace him, though, they’d have to sort that today.


Roberts was a player Rangers were heavily linked with on a pre-contract deal. Reports yesterday suggest that Leeds have agreed a deal with West Brom and the player is having a medical there before a £2.5m move. It looks like Rangers have missed out on this one.


Another player Rangers were linked with to try and sign as he was going out of contract, McGuane has been signed by Barcelona. The midfielder will be playing for their B side, and it’s certainly an ambitious move from the player.


O’Halloran didn’t seem to be involved in training before the Fraserburgh game. With no involvement even on the bench of late, it’s likely that the club will look to move him on. There were rumours of Motherwell being interested, and St Johnstone would seem keen to take him back on loan again. There’s been no other news regarding him, though.


Earlier suggestions that Alves was lining up a move to Italy seem to have cooled. With the player recovering from injury, things have been quiet regarding the Portuguese international. It’s possible that a move could be made after tonight to a country where the transfer window is still open.


There’s been a lot of mention of the Swansea defender making a return to Rangers. With Wilson sold, and rumours of Cardoso and Alves being moved on, there’s certainly a possibility of another defender being targetted. However, any link to Bartley would seem to be one that’s come from the fans as things stand.


McBurnie is a popular figure among the Rangers fans due to his very public love for the club. The striker is currently on the fringes at Swansea, and is deemed a promising player. Many fans would like to see him signed if Morelos is to move on, and I’m sure the club will have had a look at him at least.

At the moment, that’s the main rumours doing the rounds. I’m sure by the time you read this other names will have been linked, in or out.

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