Bookies might’ve cut odds but Rangers remain tight-lipped on chances
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Bookies might’ve cut odds but Rangers remain tight-lipped on chances

As bookies slash the odds on Rangers winning the league, you’d forgive fans for getting carried away.

Only, they aren’t.

Led by the mature, direct and ambitious Gerrard, Rangers have fell in line with that old cliché.

“We’re taking things one game at a time”.

It’s not unsurprising. Following over-zealous excitement during the Warburton and Caixinha reigns, under Gerrard fans have learned to let the team do the talking on the pitch.

Early signs good for Rangers

Rangers have had some superb results and are taking shape very nicely. Qualifying for the Europa League would be also be a magnificent early achievement for Gerrard.

The next step is for Rangers is to play a game in Scotland with 11 men on the pitch for 90 minutes.

Alfredo Morelos has had a roaring start to the season and looks very impressive. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The furore around the title race which exploded today is only intensified by Celtic’s struggles in the transfer window, their poor week of results and Rangers early form. But that’s just it. It’s early.

Odds more “clipped” than “slashed”

Our Old Firm rivals are coming off the back of two painful clean sweeps and are sitting at 1/7 to win it. They’ve went down from 1/9.

Rangers sit around 9/2 to 5/1. There is still a long way to go. Talk of bookies slashing odds has been greatly overexaggerated.

No one knows this more than Gerrard and his backroom staff. Rangers can challenge Celtic, of course they can, but it begins and ends on the pitch.

The only thing you might get Rangers admitting is that it will definitely not be so easy for Celtic this season. Rangers look like a team the fans can be proud of again.

Steven Gerrard and his backroom staff have instilled self-belief and composure to the Ibrox Club. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

With an Old Firm coming up in little over a fortnight, that’ll be a marker of things to come.

No matter what happens at Parkhead, we won’t be getting carried away with ourselves. Even if the bookies are.

Not just yet anyway.