What happens when Carlos Pena returns in January?
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

What happens when Carlos Pena returns in January?

That’s right. Everyone’s favourite Mexican Carlos Pena returns to Ibrox this winter. He pips Eddie Herrera on pure cult legacy alone.

Pena also scored more goals than from midfield than the striker. Jokes aside the big man struggled heavily with off field problems and never really settled here. But that was before Steven Gerrard.

Could Pena ended up repaying the £2.5m and reported 25k a wages in the end? It’d be some story.

An expensive risk who’s still flailing

It was all supposed to be so different for Carlos Pena. The box-to-box midfielder was, and for some may still be, highly rated in Mexico. He has made 19 caps for country.

But a mischievousness and reported issues off the field mean he’s never quite lived up to the hype.

Carlos Pena was a signing of Pedro Caixinha’s. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

One of Pedro Caixinha’s signings, the ex-Rangers boss did us a favour and took him back to Mexico with Cruz Azul. It was probably to save his own blushed. Pena flopped and then moved to Nexaca.

He’s only made three appearances. Rangers are still apparently paying half of his wages. When he returns he’ll only be 18 months into a three-year deal.

It’s going to take some convincing for someone to take him off our hands.

Little hope left for Pena at Ibrox

Pena is all but gone on paper from the club and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. The striker will presumably source another Mexican club.

But after lacking commitment at the ones he’s played for the year, why would they take the risk?

How Rangers will deal with him remains to be seen. If he breaches his contract, do we still have to pay him?

Pena has struggled to impress in Mexico since returning. (Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

There’s a broad spectrum of possibilities between taking a hefty sting and paying Pena off.

And somehow convincing the once highly rated Mexican midfielder to turn him around.

Steven Gerrard’s good, but surely no-one is that good.