What exactly would taking the captaincy off James Tavernier solve?
Photo by Johann Schwarz/SEPA.Media /Getty Images

What exactly would taking the captaincy off James Tavernier solve?

There’s been some utterly absurd frustration levelled at Rangers when things have went wrong this year, but none are as bizarre as that levelled at James Tavernier.

One week the Rangers captain is a world beater. The next he’s to be stripped of his captaincy for the crime of not shouting loud enough. It’s bonkers.

Tavernier is clearly the best right back in the league. He’s in the top three of our best outfield players along with Connor Goldson and Alfredo Morelos.

He’s always available for a pass. He never hides on the pitch. He’s a top, top player. So much so he attracts interest from across Europe.

Tavernier, 27, has nine goals and 14 assists in 36 games this season. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So why do people believe stripping him of the captaincy will solve our poor form? If anything, it just looks like your scapegoating someone who, being honest, the team relies on too much.

Tavernier might not be the most vocal captain but he obviously has a huge role at Rangers. Steven Gerrard was a captain for his club and country, so I think he knows what it takes to be a good one. But that isn’t good enough for some people.

The entire team should be full of leaders

Say you give it to Allan McGregor, what difference does it make? McGregor has spent the entire season roaring his head off when a player isn’t cutting it in front of him.

The point is, he’ll just keep doing what he already is. This talk of changing captain is a distraction to the real, genuine on-field issues. We should have leaders in every position, irregardless of a piece of elastic around someone’s arm.

Some fans believe that Allan McGregor should be the club captain. (Photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Tavernier leads by example on the pitch through his involvement with our play. There are fewer players in the side who are as consistently involved as the Rangers captain.

All this posturing is a slap in the face for the commitment he’s shown to Rangers and how effective he has been.

Taking the captaincy off him proves absolutely nothing. And it also achieves nothing either.