Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller have won their appeals against their suspension and fines, but the club have hit back.

Rangers responded to the decision by saying, “The club is surprised by the decision of the SPFL’s Tribunal on this matter and disappointed that the decision seems to have been leaked before the club were advised of it by the SPFL.”

But were they hinting at something more in this statement?

Leaks conveniently plugged now Millertime is over

Rangers emphasised their disappointment in the information being leaked before the SPFL could make a statement.

Once again it was leaked to the Daily Record. The same paper also broke an “exclusive” story about a £100k legal bill this morning. It isn’t surprising.

Kenny Miller gave Rangers fans some great moments in a Rangers shirt, but his final few years are tainted. (Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

There was a period last season were information and news seemed to be constantly leaked from the Ibrox dressing room.

There’s no way of knowing who it was, but they’ve stopped ever since Miller was booted. Whoever it was undermined the club at periods during which it was most vulnerable.

Were Rangers hinting at that in their statement?

Drama and attention rarely far from Miller

Leaks are common on matters surrounding Miller and the drama he brings is rarely worth the outlay.

The Scotland striker once focused on the football and was a top-class professional, but in the twilight of his career he seemed to run out of steam. Desperate to still play, it was everyone else’s fault and his tactics turned a little murky.

It’s a sad end to a Rangers career which saw him score over 100 goals in three different spells with the club.

Miller was becoming a bit of an institution at Ibrox before he was unceremoniously papped out the door. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

This drama will only further damage his standing in the eyes of anyone who believed the sacrilegious move of going to Celtic was enough to deny him legend status.

Kenny Miller is out for Kenny Miller, and the club has bore the brunt. Rangers, in a legacy sense, don’t owe him a thing.

Is it a coincidence dressing room leaks have been plugged since he left? Who knows. But Ibrox is a happier place without him.

No one can take away his goals and influence, but his attitude and application in the final year of his stay at Ibrox leaves a very bitter taste which might never leave.

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