Daniel Candeias’ red card certainly raised a lot more questions than it did answers at the weekend.

Mystery has surrounded the incident, with many unsure as to why the Portuguese was sent off. It came after Alfredo Morelos had fired Rangers 2-0 ahead right at the death.

It appears that Candeias clashed with Craig Samson and then Anton Ferdinand afterwards. Neither of the two incidents saw Candeias as the aggressor. Many instead believe that Ferdinand in particular should be hauled up for his aggressive stance.

Regardless, it’s been a mysterious incident that has left Rangers supporters bewildered and infuriated. But, after Samson spoke to the press this morning about the event, Candeias’ “part” in the situation has become more clear.

Daniel Candeias is full of passion for Rangers (Sergio Lopez/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

“I was asking him to stop being so disrespectful. When they scored the second goal he ran past and gave Anton a bit of stick, telling him to ‘shoosh’ and blowing him kisses.

“When he ran past me I just grabbed him and said, ‘Look, there’s no need to be so disrespectful. You’ve won the game so just go and celebrate with your team-mates.’

“He agreed with me and apologised, but Anton wasn’t very happy. I don’t know what happened between the two of them but I thought Candeias was lacking a wee bit of class in what he was doing. I’ve got no idea why he got a second yellow card. All I know is, you don’t need to act as he did, rubbing it in and showing a complete disrespect to his opponents.”

Gesturing to the opposition?

First off, this would hardly be a valid reason to send a player off. Regardless, it appears that the gesturing towards the St Mirren players could’ve been what enforced it.

The argument against that is the fact that Willie Collum waited until both Samson and Ferdinand had spoken to Candeias. If Collum felt that the gesturing was worthy of a second yellow card, then wouldn’t he have sent him off there and then? Why wait until both Samson and Ferdinand had manhandled Candeias?

The Portuguese winger is a fiery character (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

You can make your own mind up. Candeias, whatever the reasoning for his sending off, should never have been regardless. Whether it was for gesturing or whether it was because Collum felt he was tussling with Ferdinand, it’s a stupendous red card.

There is no offence for gesturing to opposition players in the manner Candeias did. If players can’t start taking that kind of banter then what’s the point?

The red card remains totally unjustified regardless of what it was for. You decide for yourself why you felt Candeias was given it.

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