Wallace and Miller’s Ibrox legacy could be forever tainted
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Wallace and Miller’s Ibrox legacy could be forever tainted

Lee Wallace and Kenny Miler both look to have burned their bridges at Ibrox.

The duo were suspended towards the end of last season after a bust-up with then Manager Graeme Murty in the aftermath of a Scottish Cup 4-0 humbling by Celtic.

Wallace was fined a month’s wages, Miller was fined two weeks. But after a SPFL review found in favour of the two players, and with talk of a £100k bill coming the club’s way, is their Ibrox legacy tainted?

Hard to judge with limited information

Whatever happened that day happened behind closed doors. We might never know the full truth

Whatever it is, it’s hard to gauge the situation without the proper information. Rangers were hammered by Celtic, players have the right to speak out, but was it a step too far?

Both Graeme Murty and Dave King thought so.

It’s the second time such a drama has unfolded after an Old Firm humbling – Joey Barton left in similar circumstances.

Barton was another who was bombed out after his reaction in the wake of a humbling against Celtic. (Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images)

Legend is a strong word

There’s no doubt both players have served the club over the years. But would they even be considered legends if this hadn’t happened?

Miller reached 100 goals, but he played for Celtic and celebrated wildly when he scored against us. He’s been a disruptive influence and at times was posted missing in big games. For me, it’s a no.

Wallace is somewhat different.

Wallace stayed with the club and sacrificed a lot of his career as we rose through the divisions. His loyalty here will never be forgotten, even if some of his performances in big games will be. That said, you can’t underestimate how much of a sacrifice he made back then.

Or how much the fans needed it at the time.

Miller and Wallace have different legacies at Ibrox. Both are under threat.

Both are also reportedly claiming up to £100,000 from the club in legal fees. Not an act to cover themselves in glory.

Has this impacted the two player’s legacies at Ibrox? Undoubtedly.

Will their reputations ever recover from it? I think it depends on how the next few weeks unfold.