Twitter user sums up pantomime around Alfredo Morelos perfectly
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Twitter user sums up pantomime around Alfredo Morelos perfectly

There’s been plenty said about Alfredo Morelos over the course of this season. Not all of it good. But one Twitter user has pretty much summed things up perfectly.
At least according to over 2000 Rangers fans.
Twitter user @iainduff created a thread on the platform challenging the issue on everyone’s mind. “I wish I knew what it is about Alfredo Morelos that so upsets the rest of Scottish football…”

In the thread, the Twitter user goes on to speak about the ludicrousness of over-the-top analysis of the Colombian.
He pretty much sums it up by saying most of Morelos “crimes” are petty. Whilst acknowledging that it’s a negative part of his game, he says that they’re pretty much nothing when compared to some of the “thugs” in Scottish football.
The same thread also talks about the fact the Scottish game is lucky to have such a talented player in it at the moment. Morelos’ story is a pretty remarkable one and its great that he’s here. We should enjoy him whilst he is.
But the narrative is so destructive that Morelos is made out to be much more aggressive than he actually is.

Alfredo Morelos is Rangers’ top scorer this season with 28 goals. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

He then touches on the ongoing debate over the Colombian winning the Player of the Year Award. Whilst it would be nice, what chance does Morelos have when he hasn’t even won a player of the month award yet?
Well done @iainduff, you’ve raised some excellent points here.

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