Rangers manager made a terrific gesture to opposite rival yesterday - Report
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Tommy Wright claims Steven Gerrard called him post-match - Report

Tommy Wright has revealed that Steven Gerrard’s call to him post-match left him having no issue with the Rangers manager.

Fans of opposition clubs around Scotland were fuming yesterday. Gerrard stated post-match that Rangers shouldn’t have had to work hard at St Johnstone to win the game.

The backlash came due to the idea that in football you need to work hard to win any match. It was perceived that Gerrard had shown St Johnstone a massive lack of respect.

Steven Gerrard was pointing out how poor his side played yesterday (Epsilon/Getty Images)

According to the Scottish Sun, however, Wright was phoned up by Gerrard just hours after the match. Wright went on record and said that he has no issue with what the Rangers manager said.

“Nowadays people want to pick over the bones of every comment. But I don’t have a problem with it.

“I take it as a massive compliment that a manager of Rangers said his team had to work so hard to win the game. End of story.

“Steven has always been very open and we have had good chats before and after games. But he will have known how successful this club has been in recent years, winning a trophy and qualifying for Europe time after time.”

The reasonable approach

As we stated yesterday, there was unlikely to be any malice in Gerrard’s comments. To many they came out wrong, and it’s clear to see the view of those who thought Gerrard meant differently.

Wright’s approach, however, is how Gerrard meant for it to go down. It was simply a recognition that Rangers should be performing better at the grounds of some of the smaller clubs in Scotland. Like it or not, St Johnstone fall under that bracket.

Tommy Wright has no issues with Gerrard or his comments (Scott Baxter/Getty Images)

The Rangers manager in the past has said that his squad don’t have a right to win any game. That much remains true as victory has to be earned, and Gerrard believes his teams should be earning victory at St Johnstone with minimal fuss.

Celtic went to Perth and hammered the Saints 6-0 this season. They didn’t need to break sweat to sweep them aside. That’s what Gerrard is wanting his team to start doing when he visits venues like McDiarmid Park.

Of course, in Scottish football, everything you say is under the microscope. Whilst Gerrard could’ve been more picky with his words, however, Wright clearly wasn’t bothered by them.

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