The Old Firm ticket allocation has been a great subject of conversation all season, but it’s time to stop this nonsense.

Celtic are the latest to continue the ludicrous topic. The Parkhead side have threatened that they may not take any of their tickets for the Ibrox clash on December 29th. Rangers fans are likely to meet that with a shrug of the shoulders. After all, it’s more tickets to the home support.

That’s fair enough, but it comes across as a petty move by Peter Lawwell to try and bite back in this long-standing argument. The Celtic Chief Executive used the reason of safety as an excuse of why supporters perhaps shouldn’t go.

This has already been proven not to be an issue. 800 Rangers fans took the journey to Celtic Park under the same conditions. Barring the usual aggro that goes with this fixture, there was nothing over the top. Why Lawwell thinks it will be any different at Ibrox is bemusing.

Rangers took 800 fans to Parkhead (Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images)

Regardless, this tit-for-tat nonsense between both sides has got to stop. It’s threatening the one thing that makes Scotland’s biggest rivalry so unique – the atmosphere.

A vocal away crowd always adds to the excitement levels when it comes to this fixture. Yes, a decreased away support can lead to a more “us vs the world” type feel, but it’s not the same.

Let’s not kid ourselves either, this all started when Rangers reduced Celtic’s allocation. Some supporters had an issue with some overzealous celebrations being put forward by Celtic players.

Suck it up

Whatever. It would be the same for Rangers if they were winning at Celtic Park. Footballers celebrating shouldn’t get people so wound up, as we’re all happy to give it back to players during the games.

Celtic then responded like a petulant child. Well if you’re cutting our allocation then we’ll do the same with you. It was nothing more than a crowd-pleasing gesture from each club to their support.

The pair of them have together managed to threaten to take much of the magic out of this fixture. Now, we have a club so desperate to make more out of this that they’re threatening to take their fans’ tickets away totally.

Steven Gerrard will look to give Brendan Rodgers a big blow in December. (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The December fixture between the two should be a massive occasion. Rangers vs Celtic is in many ways a “six-pointer”. Rangers are looking to strike a dangerous blow to Brendan Rodgers’ grasp on the game up here. Celtic, meanwhile, are looking to defend their unbeaten record in what will be their stiffest challenge yet.

Therefore, we shouldn’t have one side’s fans being totally drowned out. Lawwell needs to pick his dummy up and put it back in.

Both sides have been too concerned with cheap blows instead of dealing with things in a professional manner. It’s time both clubs grew up and got round a table to sort it out.

If they don’t? These games won’t keep its world-class reputation.

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