I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said that there are two guarantees in life. Death, and that the SFA Compliance Officer will make such an arse of proceedings the entirety of Scottish football will cry conspiracy.

It was definitely something like that anyway.

And whilst one side seems to have benefited overall, the latest consistent public showing of inconsistency does provide one small saving grace.

The physical Power was heavily involved on Saturday but should’ve been off. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Alan Power might’ve survived retrospective action for his high kick on Ryan Jack.

But that does mean he’ll be available to face Celtic in a crunch league match on Sunday. Even if that doesn’t excuse the matter of principle that has Rangers fans frustrated.

Power was voted the best player on the pitch when Killie dumped us after the winter break. The Ayrshire side are certainly weakened by his absence.


Power could play pivotal role against Celtic

Our rivals have struggled on trips to Rugby Park recently, and how we would love them to do so again this weekend.

So even if Celtic’s misgivings were conveniently deflected by some dodgy editing last week, they’ll have a harder game on Sunday. Of course, it means nothing if they win.

If also means nothing if we don’t. We must also take care of business against St. Johnstone on Saturday first.

But at least we can look to the fact the physical Power will have the chance to put himself about when Celtic travel to Kilmarnock on Sunday.

I wonder if he’d still remain on the pitch should the former Lincoln midfielder pull out one of his infamous martial arts moves against the seemingly untouchable Celtic?

I’d be willing to bet one thing though – the Compliance Officer probably wouldn’t like it.

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