A coming of age we can all we proud of? (and he wasn’t playing)
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That man in the Rangers dugout proved many doubters wrong today

What a day. For the eleven men on the park; for the 49,000 Rangers fans in Ibrox and multitudes around the globe; and for the man in the Rangers dugout.

When news broke of Rangers signing Gerrard, it was met with a snigger. From almost everywhere in Scotland.

Rangers were ridiculed. How dare we sign a no mark manager? An U18 coach? A man full of hot air? Not that he has ever doubted himself.

But whether blue, green or purple, you cannot deny the difference Gerrard has made to Rangers. We are the most loyal fan base in world football. We’ve been through a lot. This means the world to me, and if you’re reading this, chances are it means the world to you.

It meant the world to us, and to the man in the Rangers dugout, Steven Gerrard. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers have their pride back, we have our identity back, and we are ready to fight for the club. All of those players understand that, and it’s down to the man in the Rangers dugout. He dragged them up pre-match.

But like what Gerrard will be saying now, just enjoy tonight. Because even though we won the battle, there’s a war still raging.

We haven’t secured the league flag yet.

Gerrard has proven his doubters wrong

Gerrard and his backroom staff of McAllister, Beale and the rest have been exceptional. Not only have they built a team – if not a squad – which is well drilled and capable of moments of quality and tactical understanding.

But they’ve built a team which knows how important this is to us that they play for Rangers. That’s a blend we’ve struggled for over the last few years.

Gerrard’s man management of his team has been superb – is there a better example than that of Andy Halliday? (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Gerrard in the last six months has transformed us on the pitch, but steadied and united us off of it. How apt that today he completely outsmarted a man who once managed him. Gerrard learned from our mistakes and analysed Celtic’s. Rodgers and Celtic were cocky and shellshocked.

Rangers dominated. They were drilled. They were composed.

Today and tonight is a day for every single one of us.

And now, and forever, that includes Steven Gerrard. The England and Liverpool legend.

What a buzz that is.

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