Terry Butcher analyses how close Rangers are to Celtic
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Terry Butcher analyses how close Rangers are to Celtic

Former Rangers hero Terry Butcher’s comparison of Rangers and Celtic is likely to leave many with different opinions.

The England legend opened up on the gap between the Old Firm, and not for the first time. Butcher recently compared the two after Celtic’s 1-0 win over Rangers at Parkhead. At that stage he stated that he wasn’t confident Rangers were near Brendan Rodgers’ side, yet fancied Rangers to get a result at Ibrox in December.

Now, he’s once again touched on whether Rangers are closing in on the Parkhead side. Whilst taking some time to praise Steven Gerrard, Butcher continued to state he feels the Gers are still some distance off Celtic.

Terry Butcher is a Rangers great after a heroic spell at the club (Russell Cheyne/Allsport/Getty Images)

Speaking on TalkSPORT radio, Butcher said the following:

“They’ve not lost in Europe this season, they’ve done very well but the game against Celtic when Celtic won 1-0, it wasn’t so much a reality check but Rangers didn’t do very well.

“They are getting better, Celtic have a big semi-final this weekend against Hearts so that’s going to be a good test for them.

“But you have to wonder about Rangers in particular. They are making good strides but are they reaching the champions? I don’t think so, I think they are still some way off. But they are making good progress and to be a Rangers fan just now is quite exciting.”

One way or the other

At face value, this is a bit of a contradiction by Butcher.

On one side he’s stated that Rangers are doing very well and making good strides. He then goes on to say that Rangers aren’t actually getting closer to Celtic.

Celtic, for all of their success over the last two years, haven’t improved this season. Their failure to qualify for the Champions League has been a big boost to Rangers and maybe even Hearts. A strong acknowledgement that the Parkhead side failed to strengthen in the summer has been widely spoken about.

Rangers, on the other hand, have certainly improved to a great degree. When you think back to the Old Firm hammerings of last season, Gerrard has done a sensational job in patching the club back up.

Steven Gerrard has done a superb job at Ibrox (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Therefore, if Celtic have stood still and Rangers have improved, then they are making strides on Celtic. Rodgers’ side are only two points clear of Rangers at the moment, and Rangers have been ahead of Celtic in the table on a couple of occasions now.

Of course that means very little in October, but it shows Rangers aren’t as far behind as many want to believe. It’s disappointing for Gers fans to see former greats like Butcher think otherwise.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion at the end of the day. In our opinion, Rangers have made great strides, and therefore have gotten closer to Celtic.