Subway Loyal need to get a grip and get behind the team
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Subway Loyal need to get a grip and get behind the team

The Hibs match at Ibrox the other day made for painful viewing. It was made even more painful by the exodus of the Subway Loyal as soon as Darren McGregor equalised.

With around five minutes to go, fighting for a win, with a title race to play for. This is when you need your supporters. This is when you need that famous Ibrox support.

But too often there are plenty chomping at the bit to get out the door as soon as the clock turns 75. It’s embarrassing.

Alfredo Morelos scored on Boxing Day but it still wasn’t enough. (photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

That goal was the final nail in the coffin for many after a poor game. But what a poor attitude from the fans. It’s as if they were waiting on any excuse to get home 20 minutes early.

We weren’t playing well but at least we were in the match. It’s about grinding out results and teams go through patches of poor form. There’s a culture developing for these early exits and rarely is the stadium still in full swing come the 80th minute. Even if we’re winning.

And it’s killing the atmosphere.

Rangers fans are amongst the most dedicated in world football, but at Ibrox are we letting the team down? (Photo by Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images)

It’s even worse when there’s still all to play for. Before we even had the chance to kick off against Hibs the usual suspects were off to the exits. It drains fellow supporters, and I can only imagine it’s a sorry sight for the players.

The Subway Loyal need to get a grip and get behind the team. Because in matches like the one on Boxing Day, the supporters can make that tiny little bit of difference.

A bit of difference which can help win trophies.