Steven Gerrard reveals "two big ingredients required" of any new signings
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Steven Gerrard reveals "two big ingredients required" of any new signings

Steven Gerrard has revealed the “two big ingredients required” before the club make any new signings.

And they don’t come down to their ability on the pitch. Although, that’s obviously the first box they have to tick.

Speaking before the Hearts match, Gerrard says that a player’s character and mentality are two big elements that the club must consider before singing anyone. They have to be able to handle the expectations of the club.

“It [character] is a main ingredient we look for in a player,” explains Gerrard. “You have to be a certain type to handle the Ibrox crowd, to handle the pressure and responsibility to carry the weight of this badge.”

“With Mark and Andy and the recruitment team we do try and go into every single detail before we make a signing or decision but character and mentality are certainly two big ingredients.”

Rangers have to be careful with new signings

Gerrard also explained that the club must be careful with any new signings that come in. In the past the club have signed players who can’t handle the pressure or expectation at Ibrox.

They haven’t been quite the right fit and many player’s mentalities have come into question.

“We have to be very careful the type of player we bring in because there’s been mistakes made in the past,” explains Gerrard. “People that can’t handle it here, people that can’t cope.”

Players like Eduardo Herrera didn’t have what it takes to make it at Rangers. (Photo credit should read OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images)

Of everyone touted, there are potentially two names who’d make great new signings and fit the bill for Rangers.

There’s no questioning the character of Steven Davis. Determined Liverpool starlet Dominic Solanke too could have the mentality required to succeed at Ibrox.

But will we see any new signings at Ibrox this January?