Scottish Rugby season "null & void" as Rangers fans await league verdict
Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images for Harlequins

Scottish Rugby season "null & void" as Rangers fans await league verdict

The Scottish rugby season has been called “null and void” by organisers as the game’s shutdown forces no other alternative for rugby in Scotland.

Sports across Europe have been dramatically halted by the coronavirus outbreak with Rangers, Scottish football and football across the continent not immune from the pandemic’s impact.

In a major decision which could act as a precedent for anything which happens in football in Scotland, the Scottish Rugby League have taken the decision to completely void the season.

The rugby authorities came to the decision after discussion with all member clubs who could not agree on an alternative resolution.

They put the decision to a vote with the majority of sides favouring a null and void season and a quarter wanting the season to be ended with current league standings.

“Five possible scenarios were presented, with around half of clubs favouring the null and void option,” a Scottish Rugby statement said [Scottish Rugby].

“The remaining clubs were split between the other four options. The second most favoured option – finishing the season based on the league positions at the time of shutdown – received the support of around a quarter of clubs.

“Further to the club consultation, the declaration of a null and void season was recommended by the Convenor of the Championship Committee, the Reserve League Committee Chair and the Chair of the Women’s Competition Committee.”

Rugby’s decision to void the season comes after Elite League hockey was heralded by Glasgow Clan CEO Gareth Chalmers [BBC Scotland] for doing the same to their campaign.

Scottish football has been polarised by the league shutdown with many Celtic-minded influencers and pundits wanting the Parkhead club to be awarded a league title they have not yet earned.

The Scottish rugby league season in decalred void despite Marr RFC being two points clear at the top of the Tennent’s Premiership, albeit having played a game more. (Photo By Brendan Moran/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

In contrast, many Rangers-minded pundits and influencers would like to see the league voided.

Whilst no concrete decision on the tournament has been made precedents from sports around the world suggest there is no choice but to null and void the campaign.

What makes football any different?