Ref wouldn’t have flinched had Morelos tackled like Scott Brown
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Ref wouldn’t have flinched had Morelos tackled like Scott Brown

One’s a commanding, physical presence whom others must learn to deal with. The other is a violent, petulant, aggressive thug. Which one is Scott Brown? And which one is Alfredo Morelos?

Well, it generally depends what colour of shirt you’re wearing.

But whilst everyone argues the toss about the narrative surrounding each, in my mind, one thing is most definitely true. The referee wouldn’t have been able to flash a red quick enough had Alfredo Morelos clattered Vykintas Slivka like Celtic captain Brown did yesterday.

It was more akin to assault than a football tackle. It wasn’t robust, it was ruthless.

Are both player’s refereed differently?

Whilst I draw a line at conspiracy, referees must be genuinely feart to give the creaking midfielder a red. Getting the rub of the green, quite literally, tends to happen more than it doesn’t for Scott Brown. It doesn’t even itself out over the season. The consistency is incredible.

Talking of consistency, the referee’s treatment of Morelos at times has also been far too predictable. He’s kicked from “pillar to post” (Gerrard in December) and gives out as good as he gets. Sometimes, teams bait a hook and they catch a whopper, but Morelos is booked much of the time for, really, not much at all.

Alfredo Morelos, 22, has had 12 yellow cards and three red cards this year (although the one against Aberdeen was rescinded). (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

He can’t even compete for a header, jostle for possession or try and win the ball without the referee shrieking his whistle. Before making a bloody big point about it too. Morelos doesn’t just have problems with referees either.

Morelos hasn’t even come close to being involved in anything close to the gravity or multitude of the incidents concerning Scott Brown. That’s just a fact.

Yet he’s had more red cards (2) than the Celtic captain (0) since he arrived in Scottish football.

Why? It’s simple. Both players are refereed differently.

For whatever reason.